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I would say dividing. EXAMPLE: 2 over 10. To get the decimal you would divide 2 by 10.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For example: 1 and 1/4. First the "1" goes over left of the decimal. (1.0). Then 1/4 changes into .25. (1 divided by 4). Then add the (1.0) to the (.25) and you got your mixed number into decimal form.

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2012-09-11 00:56:04
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Q: What is the shortest method to convert a mixed number to a decimal?
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What is a shorter method to convert a mixed number to a decimal?

The word "shorter" in the question implies that you already do have a method (or more than one). It is not possible to answer the question without knowing what your method is. It could, in fact, be the shortest possible method so that there is no shorter method!

How do you convert in to a decimal number?

The answer will depend on what you want to convert into a decimal number.

Write a program to convert decimal number to binary number?

write a program that will convert decimal to binary

How do you convert 3.27 in to a decimal number?

3.27 is already a decimal number.

Convert decimal number 12 into hexa decimal number?

It is C

How do you use a power of ten to convert a decimal to a decimal?

If the number is already in decimal form, you do not need to do anything to "convert" it to decimal!

How do you convert a fraction to a decimal and then percentage?

To convert a fraction to a decimal divide the numerator (top number) by the denominator (bottom number). To convert a decimal (or fraction) to a percentage multiply it by 100 %.

Explain how to compare a mixed number with a decimal?

Convert the mixed number to a decimal.

How do you divide a decimal by a mixed number?

Convert the mixed number to a decimal and proceed.

How do you convert a decimal into a standard number?

with a .

What is 2 58 convert to a decimal?

2.58 is a decimal number.

How do you convert octal to binary with 2 decimal nos?

The conversion of octal number to binary can be obtained by using two methods. First, it can be converted into decimal and then obtained decimal is converted into binary. In the second method

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