What is the significance of 1111?

Updated: 10/31/2022
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11:11 is a code which appears to the recipient on clocks, repetitively, at a rate that defies normal causality to the observer. It then begins to appear to the observer in printouts from computers and computer cash registers, and bill paying systems, as well as in the phenomenal world (real world) in the form of address numbers, for instance. The code is first, a signifier from a recently deceased person the recipient knows personally, and second, from a long deceased person the recipient knows, followed by "angels", who are themselves, usually deceased family members who guard the recipient.

Collectively, this code is appearing to millions of people as a code cypher commonly used by the above persons - as a collective, to contact humanity as a collective. (see: the Palm Sunday Case and the British Psychical Research Institute). For the past decade, masses of recipients worldwide are reporting this consciousness based phenomenon, throughout Europe, the Americas, and in the Far East. It is widespread at this time for an unknown cause, however. It appears that the previously deceased are employing this code internationally to great numbers of people, including atheist recipients, without regard to the recipients belief system. The Collective issuing this code, as in the Palm Sunday Case, appears to have the ability to communicate directly with the consciousness of the recipient employing a method resembling telepathy (which is the functional basis of "prayer" as it is regarded universally) as a telepathic means of communicating with God, angels, the deceased, worldwide in various cultures.

Why an apparent "collective" is issuing this code to collective humanity at this time is not known. The cause and methodology appear to suggest they have knowingly sought to use the internet as a central means of informing recipients that they are not alone in their experience, but one of possibly millions of recipients. The use of the internet to achieve the ends of the collective group sending these consciousness related "codes" may simply be attributable to the idea that the internet provides the basis for the "first time in the history of humankind that distant and dissociated persons are able to learn about the experiences of others" at a quantum rate.

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Q: What is the significance of 1111?
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