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Q: What is the similarities between circle and rectangle?
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What are the similarities between a tooth brush and a bowling ball?

nothing really because a bowling ball is a circle and a tooth brush is a rectangle so yeah nothing

What is relationship between the area of a circle and a rectangle?

area of a circle = area of a rectangle(parallelogram) formed by the sectors of circle with pi as length and radius as bradth.

What shape is Hawaii?

It is sort of between a rectangle and a circle.

What is the area of the rectangle if the radius of each circle is 6cm?

It depends on the relationship between the rectangle and the circles.

What two shapes make a cylinder?

circle and rectangle. circle for the top and a curled rectangle with length equal to the circumference of the circle for the side.

What is the difference between a rectangle and a circle?

circles have no sides or angles

What is the relationship between the area of a circle and a rectangle?

circle gol hota ha rectangle chakor pendu tainu aa wi ni pata

What is the similarities between ractangle and parallelogram?

The similarities are rectangle is shape like L and the other 1 I sharp as an equal

What are the similarities between the world and an apple?

they are both circle and round

Between a circle with a diameter of 16 inches and a rectangle 15 inches by 14 inches which one is larger and how much larger?

The area of the circle is 50.265482457436691815402294132472 inches2. The area of the rectangle is 210 inches2. The rectangle is larger in area by 159.73451754256330818459770586753 inches2,

Can a circle be inscribed in a rectangle?

Yes! It can(: you draw the circle in the rectangle with its top and bottom touching the top and bottom sides of the rectangle

What is the similarity between a circle and triangle?

Similarities ? The unique similarity I can think about is the line from which they are drawn.