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235/410 = 47/82

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Q: What is the simplest form of 235 over 410?
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What is 410 over 15 in simplest form?

410/15 in its simplest form is 82/3.

What is 112 over 410 in simplest form?


Is 410 a simplest?

Yes 410 is in its simplest form but if you mean 4/10 then it is 2/5 simplified

What is the simplest form of 410?


Is 410 in simplest form?

If you mean: 4/10 then it is 2/5

What is 8 over 10 in simplest form?

4 over 5.Because both numbers are divisible by 2, you simply divide each number by 2 to get the simplest form.8 = 410 5If the bothe the numerator and the denominator weren't divisible by the same smaller number, like 3 , then you know it's in the smallest or simplest form.4

What Fraction is equivalent to 410?

If you mean 4/10 then it is equivalent to 2/5 as a fraction in its simplest form

Cristina uses a ruler to measure the length of her math textbook. she says that the book is 410 meter long. is her measurement in simplest form if not what is the length of the book in simplest form?

2/5 of a meter or 40 cm.

How you write 410 tens in a standard form?

410 tens in a standard form is 4.1 × 103

What is the value of 410 over and under?

what is value of investram 410 over and under shotgun

What is 423 410 in standard form?


What is 3 over 410 as a decimal?

3/410 as a decimal is 0.0'07317' recurring '07317'

What is 4 10 over 11 as a decimal?

410/11 = 4.0909.. (recurring).410/11 = 4.0909.. (recurring).410/11 = 4.0909.. (recurring).410/11 = 4.0909.. (recurring).

Can 410 slugs be shot through the Stevens 22 410 Model 24 over and under?


What is the value of Remingtons over and under 22 410?

Remington never made an over/under 22/410. This sounds like a Marble's game getter.

How many quests feature in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite?

There are over 410. New ones are added every once and a while, that's why i said over 410.

What is a Savage 410 over-under series c model 242 worth both barrels are in 410 bore?


Who manufactures side by side 22-410 combo?

Savage USED to make an over and under 410/22. Do not recall a SXS.

What is 205250 in the simplest form?

The reduced form of 205250 is 4150Steps to simplifying fractionsFind the GCD (or HCF) of numerator and denominator GCD of 205 and 250 is 5Divide both the numerator and denominator by the GCD 205 ÷ 5250 ÷ 5Reduced fraction: 4150Equivalent fractions: 410/500615/7501025/125041/501435/1750More fractions: 410/250205/500615/250205/7501025/250205/12501435/250205/1750

Noble model 70 410 shotgun what is it cost?

Over 1000$

What is 24 percent of 410?

24 percent of 410 = 98.424% of 410= 24% * 410= 0.24 * 410= 98.4

What is the value of a 410 Springfield Arms double barrel shotgun?

The Stevens doubles in .410 can reach over $500 in excellent condition.

Where can you find a browning 410 automatic shotgun?

Browning never made a .410 automatic shotgun. Autos were made in 12, 16, and 20 guages. They did however make 410's in over/unders. auto5man

How do you write 14 410 in word form?

fourteen thousand-four hundred ten

What is 80 percent of 410?

80% of 410 = 80% * 410 = 0.8 * 410 = 328