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It is 8 + (7/8)*y

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Q: What is the simplified expression for 8 plus 7y divided by 8?
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What is the answer to -2x-5y plus 3x-7y?

The given expression can be simplified to: x-12y

What is 13x 2y -10x-7y?

If you mean: 13x+2y-10x-7y then it is an algebraic expression that can be simplified to 3x-5y

What is 8y plus 9 plus 7y simplified?

8y + 7y = 15ySo [ 8y + 9 + 7y ] = 15y + 9If you want to get fancy and factor that expression, it's 3(5y + 3) .

Is 5x plus 7y plus 3 simplified?

Yes it is.

What is 2x plus 7y?

It cannot be simplified any further, so it is: 2x + 7y

7y plus 4-4-9 simplified?

7y + 4 - 4 - 9 = 7y - 9

What is the answer for 7y plus 3 - 6y?

It can be simplified to: 3+y

4xsquared plus xcubed plus 3x plus 7y plus 2xcubed is equal to?

4X2+X3+3X+7Y+2X3 can only be simplified to 3X3+4X2+3X+7Y, because X3 and 2X3 are the only like terms.

How do you simplify this expression -8x plus 7y-x-6y plus 4x?


Simplify the algebraic expression 4x plus 3y - 2x - 7y?

4x + 3y - 2x - 7y2x - 4y

-5x plus y -2 and -3x plus 6y -12?

The given expressions can be simplified to: 7y-8x-14

What is 5x-2y-5x plus 7y simplified?

5y explanaition 5x-5x=0, 0-2y=-2y, -2y+7y=5y

Simplify each expression 5-4y-11 plus 7y?

It is: 3y-6

What is the equivlent expression of 7y x 7y x 7y?


What inequality is equivalent to 24x-48-21y?

Without an inequality sign it is not an inequality equation but the given expression can be simplified to: 8x-16-7y

How do i put 3y 2-7y plus 3 - 5y plus 3-4y 2 In standard form?

If you mean: 3y^2-7y+3-5y+3-4y^2 then it is simplified to -y^2-12y+6

What is x-7y plus 4x-2y simplified?

Splitting the equation up into the two variables: x + 4x = 5x -7y + -2y = -9y Therefore, the simplified version is: 5x - 9y

How do you write 7y 46 in algebraic expression?

It is simply: 7y+46 or 7y-46

What is a plus 7y?

a + 7y

Does an expression have an answer?

A mathematical expression does not have an answer, if it is algebraic and all of the terms are unlike. For example, x+7y does not have an answer because there are no definite solutions, and there is no possibility to combine like terms. However, the expression 2x+7y+3x does have an answer, but the solution is merely the combination of like terms. (5x+7y)

What is 16 plus 7y - 8?

16+7y-8 = 7y+16-8 = 7y+8

Evaluate 3 open parentheses10x plus y close parentheses plus 2x plus 7y?

3(10x + y) + 2x + 7y (multiply the 3 through the parentheses then combine like terms) = 30x + 3y + 2x + 7y = 32x + 10 y Evaluate an expression for some values of x and y, means to substitute those values into the expression, such that when x = 3 and y = 1 the value of the given expression is 106: 32x + 10y = 32(3) + 10(1) = 96 + 10 = 106

Multiply and simplify y-7y-5?


Factor 4x2 plus 28xy plus 49y2?

(4x2)+ (28xy) + (49y2) = (2x + 7y)(2x + 7y) = (2x + 7y)2

What is -7y plus 4y?

-7y + 4y = -3y