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The greatest common factor of 12 and 18 is 6.

Therefore, the simplified fraction of 12/18 is 12/18 ÷ 6/6 = 2/3.

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Q: What is the simplified fraction of 12 over 18?
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What is 18 over 12 simplofied into a proper fraction?

18 over 12 simplified is one and a half.

What is the improper fraction of 12 over 18?

An improper fraction is where the numerator (number on top) is greater than the denominator (number on bottom). Your fraction 12/18 is proper, but it is not simplified. The simplified form is 2/3, which in decimal is 0.66666....

Can the fraction 18 over 25 be simplified?

No, that is the lowest denominator for that fraction.

The answer to simplify 12 over 18?

If you mean the fraction 12/18, the simplified answer is 2/3. Both numbers are evenly divisible by 6.

What is the simplified fraction of 18 over 20?

The simplest fraction for 18/20 is 9/10.

What is the simplified fraction of 112 over 18?

112/18 = 56/9 which cannot be simplified further.

What is the simplified fraction of 15 over 18?

5/6 is.

What is the fraction 21 over 54 simplified?


What is 18 over 46 as a simplified fraction?


What is the simplified fraction of 18 over 46?

18/46 = 9/23

What is the simplified fraction of 26 over 18?

It is: 26/18 = 13/9

What is a simplified fraction for 18 over 55?

18/55 is in its simplest form

Can 18 over 45 be simplified as a mixed number?

18/45 is a proper fraction. It can be simplified to 2/5.

What is 18 50 simplified?

Eighteen over fifty simplified is 9/25. This fraction is simplified to the lowest term.

What is 12 18ths in its lowest fraction?

No because 12/18 is 2/3 simplified

How do do you write 14 over 18?

As a fraction it is 14/18 which is 7/9 simplified

Can the fraction 18 over 63 be simplified?

Yes and it is 2/7.

What is the simplified ratio for 15 over 18?

5 over 6. However, this is a fraction, not a ratio

What is equal fraction for 12 over 18?

12/18 = 2/3

Can the fraction 21 over 54 be simplified?

Yes. 21 over 54 can be simplfied to 7/18

What is the reduced fraction for the fraction of 18 and 40?

The simplified fraction is: 920

If 2 children are absent from a class of twenty what fraction of the class is missing?

18 over 20 or 8 over 10 as a simplified fraction

What is 5 over 18 in its simplest form?

Since the numerator of the fraction is prime, the proper fraction 5/18 cannot be simplified any further.

What is the ratio 18 to 20 as a fraction?

The fraction is 18/20 which can be simplified to 9/10.

What is the fraction of 3 out of 18?

It is 3/18 which can be simplified, if required.

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