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45/36 = 5/4

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Q: What is the simplify fraction of 45 over 36?
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Related questions

45 over 75 simplify fraction?

45/75 = 3/5

Can you simplify 30 over 45?

Yes. The Highest Common Factor of 30 and 45 is not 1, therefore you can simplify the fraction. It simplifies to 2 over 3, or two thirds, written as 2/3.

How do simplify 36 over -9?


How do you turn 45 percent into a fraction?

Percentages are fractions over 100. So 45% is 45/100 You can then simplify that to 9/20

What fraction of 1 meter is 45 centimeters?

100 cm = 1 meter, so 45 cm = 45/100 meter = 9/20 mIn my understanding;Get the units the same;What fraction is 45 cm of 100 cm?Find the greatest common factor of the numerator and denominator to simplify the fraction -- 5 in this case;5 into 45 = 95 into 100 = 20So, what fraction is 45 of 100?9 over 20.

What fraction is 45p of one pound?

It is 45/100 and you can simplify that fraction if required.

How do you make an decimal equivalents for fraction such as 15 over 45?

11*15/45 = 0.33... recurring. You could simplify 15/45 to 1/3 if you wanted.

What fraction is 45 cents of 1.00?

if you simplify it the answer is 9/20 but as a non simplified fraction the answer is 45/100

How do you simplify fractions such as 5 over 9?

With enormous difficulty - since the fraction 5 over 9 cannot be simplified!

How do you convert 3 hours and 45 minutes to a mixed number?

By writing the 45 minutes as a fraction of an hour. One hour is 60 minutes, so write the 45 over 60 and simplify.

Can you simplify 45 over 15?

To simplify a fraction, you need to identify any common divisors between the numerator and denominator. In this case, both 45 and 15 can divide by 15. Do this and we get 3/1. Any number divided by 1 gives itself. Thus 45/15 can be simplified to 3.

How do you write forty-five hundredths?

You just do forty five hundredTHs. So the TH in it means that the digits are taken place in decimal points. And so it would be 0.45. If it was to be written in fraction, you just do 45/100 and simplify it. But if the question is to write forty five hundredths as a fraction, DO NOT simplify. :)

How do you reduce 36 over 45 to lowest term?

Dividing both sides of the fraction 36/45 by its highest common factor, 9, gives us 36/9 / 45/9 = 4/5, or four fifths.

Is the fraction 12 out of 15 equal to the fraction 36 out of 45?


Can you simplify 44 over 45?


Can you simplify 45 over 111?

yes: 15 over 37

What is 36 over 45?

36 over 45 is 4 over 5 or 0.8 in decimal.

What is the fraction 20 over 45 reduced to its lowest term?

Both 20 & 45 are divisible by 5.Therefore we can simplify this to 4/9.

How do I simplify 12 over 45?

12/45 = 4/15

How do you convert decimals into lowest terms?

first you must turn the decimal into a fraction. then simplify it. Okay so i put 45 over 100

Is 45 over 65 in simplest form?

No, 45/65 is still divisible by 5 so if you simplify the fraction by diving each part by five you will have 9/13. Since this fraction is not evenly divisible by any other whole number, the fraction is in simplest form.

What is 9 over 5 times 5 over 9?

9/5 * 5/9 = 1, because 9*5 is 45 and 5*9 is 45, the problem becomes 45/45, which is 1. To multiply fractions: # Simplify the fractions if not in lowest terms. # Multiply the numerators of the fractions to get the new numerator. # Multiply the denominators of the fractions to get the new denominator. Simplify the resulting fraction if possible.

Simplify 45 over 64?

45/64 is already in its simplest form

What does 45 over 113 simplify to?

45/113 is already in its simplest form

What is 4.45 as a fraction?

As a mixed fraction: 4 45/100 or you can simplify the fraction part to 9/20 , so 4 9/20