What is the sixth factor of 12?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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12 is.

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Q: What is the sixth factor of 12?
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How do you factor 216X to the sixth power minus 125x to the sixth power?


What is one-sixth of 12?

One sixth of 12 is 2.

What is 1 sixth of 72?

1/6 of 72 =12 Thus, 1 sixth of 72 is 12.

What is three sixth of 24?

12 it's the same as half of 24 !

What is the last sixth number of factor pairs of 16?

The factor pairs of 16 are (16,1)(8,2)(4,4)

What is the greatest factor of 12?

The greatest factor of 12 is 12.

What are the sixth multiple of 12?

72 are.

What is 3 sixth by 24?


What is 12 to the sixth power?


What is one sixth of 12?


Why is 12 not a factor?

12 can be a factor. It's a factor of 24, for example.

What is the repeated factor for ten to the negative sixth power?

There is no repeated factor. 10-6 = 1/1000000 or a millionth.