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Q: How do you factor 216X to the sixth power minus 125x to the sixth power?
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How do you factor 125x to the power 3 -8?

(5x - 2)(25x2 + 10x + 4)

Factor 125x to the third power plus y to the third power?

(5x + y)(25x^2 - 5xy + y^2)

What is the Square root of one hundred twenty-five x squared?

√125X² = 125X

125x(84x8) plus 16x8)?

The answer is 84128.

What is 5x squared times 25?

125x squared

What is power factor significance in calculating the AC power?

Power Factor is one of most significant parameter in calculating AC Power. As we know it is cosine of angle between AC Voltage and Current it comes in picture while calculating power in AC circuits Power In AC (P) = Voltage (V) X Current (V) X Power Factor Let us take an example of Power with Power factor and without power factor for same circuit. Let Us assume V = 125 Volts I = 1 Amp Power Factor = 1 Then P = 125X1X1= 125 Watts But for any circuit when Power factor is below 1, to execute same power, Circuit has to draw more current. for example P = 125X 1.25 X 0.8 = 125 Watts In first example power factor of the circuit was unity = 1 and in that condition current of the circuit was 1 amp whereas in second example power factor of the circuit is 0.8 due to which current of the circuit increases to 1.25 amp to execute the same power. Now due to increase in current of the circuit many factors are affected like heat loss, Conductor's specification , Class of insulation etc. Thus it can be concluded after going through above explanation that power factor play a significant role in AC power calculation as well as in actual practices.

What does 5x3 plus 15x2 - 125x - 375 factor to?

5x^3 + 15 x^2 - 125x - 375 = 5(x^3 + 3 x^2 - 25x - 75) = 5[(x^3 + 3 x^2) - (25x + 75)] = 5[x^2(x + 3) - 25(x + 3)] = 5[(x + 3)(x^2 - 25)] = 5(x + 3)(x + 5)(x -5)

What is the answer to 125x cubed plus 8y cubed?

[ 125x3 + 8y3 ] is not a question or an equation, and it doesn't require an answeror a solution. It's simply an expression that represents a number. The value of thenumber depends on the values of 'x' and 'y', which of course you haven't included,and it changes in a flash any time either of them changes.

What number decreased by 12 and 1 half percent of itself gives 420?

let x = number x - .125x = 420 .875x =420 x = 480

When wire is selling at 125 dollars per foot how many feet can you buy for fifty cents?

125x = .5x = 0.0044 thousandths of a foot

How many Atoms are in 5 kg of Ca?

Well, Ca has an atomic mass of 40, so one mole of Ca (6.022x1023 atoms) equals 40g.To get 5kg of Ca, you would times the 40g (one mole) by 125.5kg of Ca has 125x(6.022x1023), or602200000000000000000000 atoms.

How many feet in a 125x 75 square feet?

There can be no conversion.A foot is a measure of length in 1-dimensional space, whereas a square foot is a measure of area in 2-dimensional space. The two measure different things and, according to the basic rules of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid.

How would you factor x4 plus 3x3 plus 125x plus 375?

It is a bit difficult to be sure because I cannot see superscripts for the powers of x. x^4 + 3*x^3 + 125*x + 375 = x^3*(x+3) + 125*(x+3) =(x^3 + 125)*(x+3) And then using x^3+y^3 = (x+y)*(x^2-x*y+y^2) with y = 5 =(x+5)*(X^2-x+25)*(x+3)

What are the dimensions of the smallest square you can make using 55cm by 125cm retangular tiles?

If you are not allowd to cut any and you can disregard the width of the grout between the tiles: 125x = 55y , x and y are integers 5*25x = 5*11y 11*5*25 = 25*11*5 = 1375 A square 13.75 meters on each side using 275 tiles

80 is 125 percent of what number?

use this equation to solve your problem. 80 125% __ = _____ X 100% 125x= 8000 ____ ____ 125 125 64 ________ 125| 8000 X= 64

Solve by the substitution method 15x-20y equals -1 15y equals 2 plus 5x?

Given: 15x - 20y = -1 15y = 2 + 5x Then: 15x -20(2 + 5x)/15 = -1 ∴15x -40/15 - 100x/15 = -15/15 ∴225x/15 - 100x/15 = 40/15 - 15/15 ∴125x = 25 ∴x = 1/5 Check: 15(1/5) - 20(1/5) = -1 ∴3 - 4 = -1 ∴-1 = -1

Examples of coin problem with solution?

Eugenia had five times as many quarters as dimes. If the total value of her coins was $16.20 how many of each kind of coin did she have?Let x= the amount of dimes Eugenia had (dimes are worth 10)Let 5x= the amount of quarters Eugenia had (quarters are worth 25)Equation: 10(x) + 25(5x)=1620 (because that is how many cents there are)10(x)+25(5x)=162010x+125x=1620135x=16201/135(135)=1/135(1620)1x= 12x=12check10(x) + 25(5x)=162010(12)+25(5x12)=1620120+25(60)=1620120+1500=16201620=1620x=125x=1500Therefore Eugenia had 12 dimes and 60 quarters