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If you mean y = 11x+2.5 then the slope is 11 and the y intercept is 2.5

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Q: What is the slope of the line given by the equation y 11x 2.5?
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What is the slope of the line given by the equation y equals 11x?


What is the slope of the line given by the equation y 11x 5?

y = 11x + 5 The slope/gradient of this equation is 11. The slope/gradient can easily been seen in a linear equation: it is simply the co-efficient of x

What is the slope of the line givin by the equation y11x?

If you mean y = 11x then the slope is 11

What is the slope of a line parallel to a line with the slope of 11?

The general equation os a straight line is u = mx + c Where 'm' is the slope and 'c' is the y0intercept. So for parallel lines the slope must be the same in both cases. So for a slope od '11' We can have y = 11x + 5 y = 11x - 8 A parallel lines. A special case. y = 11x + 3 y' = 11x' + 3 Are parallel lines AND co-linear.

How do you solve 11x plus 2y34?

If you mean: 11x+2y = 34 then y = -10.5x+17 whereas -10.5 is the slope and 17 is the y intercept of a straight line equation

What is the y-intercept for the equation y 11x 1?

If you mean: y = 11x+1 then the y intercept is 1 and the slope is 11

What is the equation for this line 0-2 20 42?

Points: (0, -2) and (20, 42) Slope: 11/5 Equation: 5y = 11x-10 or as y = 2.2x-2.

what is the slope of 33y=11x +49?

33y =11x +49 y= 11/33 X +49/33 The slope is coefficient of x. Y = mx+c. m is the slope here. So the slope of above equation is 1/3 --> 0.33

Is 0.11x-y equals -0.85 a parallel line?


What is the equation of the line whose intercepts are x is 7 and y is 11 showing work?

Points: (7, 0) and (0, 11) Slope: 0-11/7-0 = -11/7 Equation: y-0 = -11/7(x-7) => 7y = -11x+77 Equation: y-11 = -11/7(x-0) => 7y = -11x+77

What is the slope intercept form of 11x-8y equals 32?

If: 11x-8y = 32 Then: -8y = -11x+32 And: y = 1.375x-4 in slope-intercept form

What is the answer to 11x-4y equals 32 in slope intercept form?