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Q: What is the smaller unit of starch?
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What is the basic unit of starch?

The basic unit of starch is glucose.

The monomer unit of polysaccharides such as starch and cellulose is?

The monomer unit of polysacharides such as starch and cellulose is glucose.

What is the subunits of starch?

The subunit of starch is simple carbohydrate

What is the basic unit of a starch molecule?

Starch is a polymer of Glucose.

What is the energy storage unit in plants?


Which one is smaller sucrose glucose or starch?


Is each si unit ten times smaller than the next smallest unit?

No, it cannot be smaller than a smaller unit!

What would be found in the clear area the would not be found in the blue area of a starch agar plate after the addition of iodine?

Another organism on the starch agar plate breaks down the starch into smaller sugars, and the starch intolerant organism in turn competes for the smaller sugars. As a result, you will see colonies of the starch user pop up first, and then smaller satellite colonies of the dependant organism will form around them.

The smaller the unit the measurement will be what?

The smaller the unit the more accurate the measurement will be.

What is the repeating unit that makes up starch?


What does amylase break starch molecules into?

Amylase digests starch into a smaller carbohydrate called maltose.

Are iodine molecules smaller than starch molecules?

Okay, let's define our terms here. By "salt" I assume you mean table salt, sodium chloride.It doesn't really exist as "molecules" since it's ionic.Complicating things even further, "starch" is a polymer/oligomer, and the size of its molecules varies considerably.However, one formula unit of sodium chloride is much much smaller than even a small molecule of starch.