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Q: What is the smallest 4digit non zero number?
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What is the smallest non-zero multiple of 15 is?


What is the smallest non zero multiple of a number is?

Itself because 1 times a number = the same number

Which is a multiple of every non zero number?

There is no such number since you cannot list every non-zero number!

What is a non-zero number?

Any number other than Zero.

What is the smallest 6 digit number and explain the answer?

000000 because i said so * * * * * It is 100000. In order to be a six-digit number, the first digit needs to be non-zero. The smallest such number is 1. After that, each digit must be the smallest digit possible and every time that is 0.

What is a non zero number divided by itself?

Any non-zero number divided by itself is equal to one.

How do you get nonzero rational number?

Divide a non-zero integer by a non-zero integer.

What number does non stand for?


What is the denominator of a zero slope?

It is any non-zero number.

What is a whole number excluding zero?

It is a non-zero integer.

What are the two factors of every non-zero number?

Two factors of every non-zero number except 1 are 1 and the number itself.

What is the value of a number with zeros?

If there are no non-zero digits, the value is zero.

What is non integral number?

A non integer number is any number that is not a natural number, a negative number or zero

How do your reduce zero over twelve?

zero divided by any non-zero number equals zero.

What number is the product of that number and a non-zero whole number?

A multiple

What goes into two thirds?

Once you allow fractions, any non zero number goes into any other non zero number.

Ten times the square of a non-zero number is equal to forty times the number?

Ten times the square of a non-zero number is equal to forty times the number. What is the number?

How many significant figures are there in the number 101.75.45?

7 of them. We're not exactly sure what that number is, but if it starts with a non-zero number and ends with a non-zero number, then everything's significant.

Is 0 is the smallest rational number?

It is the smallest non-negative rational number. Negative numbers are rational and are smaller.

What has the smallest atomic number?

Hydrogen is a gas element. It had the smallest atomic number.

Why it is necessary to have a non zero number as denominator in any rational number?

It is because division by zero is not defined.

What is leftmost nonzero digit?

In the number 102568, the 1 is the leftmost non-zero digit. In the number 0.0004583, the 4 is the leftmost non-zero digit.

What does the word positive number mean?

A positive number is any number larger than zero. There are infinitely many such numbers. Any non-negative and non-zero number is positive.

What are non examples of the mass number?

0 (zero)

What is 20 to the zero power?

Any non-zero number, raised to the zero power is equal to 1.