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It is 36.

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Q: What is the smallest perfect square that has nine factors?
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What is the smallest number that has exactly nine factors?


Is nine fourths a a perfect square?

No, a perfect square is a number that can be expressed as the product of two equal integers.

Why isn't nine a perfect square?

...but it is...! (3 x 3)

What is the perfect square of nine?

81 (9 x 9)

Is 9 a perfect square number?

Yes, nine is a perfect squarebecause 9 = 3*3

Is 9 a cubic number?

No, 32 is a perfect square of nine and it is 4th Motzkin number.

What is the largest nine-digit number that is a perfect square?

999,950,884 = (31,622)2

What is the ones digit of the largest nine-digit perfect square?

It's 4. (31,622)2 = 999,950,884 .

What is the square root of 126 in simplified mode?

The simplified radical expression of 126 is 3 roots of 14. 126 can be divided by the perfect square nine, fourteen times. As a result you have 3 roots of 14.

What are two common factors of nine?

Factors of nine are: 1, 3 and itself 9

Which is the smallest 9 digit odd number?

Which is the smallest nine digit odd number?

What is smallest seven digit number?

9,999,999 or negative nine million, nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine

What is the smallest that can go into five and nine?


How many factors of 100?

Nine factors.

How many factors does 36?

Nine factors.

What do 153 225 207 216 and 369 have in common?

10 to the power of 2 is common to all these numbers. Not the answer that I am looking for... ------ How about this: All are evenly divisible by nine. Also, 225 is a perfect square (15), 216 is a perfect cube (6), and the others are prime multiples of nine... but these features are not common to the lot.

Is the square root of nine an irrational number?

The square root of nine is three, and that is not an irrational number.

What is the side length in meters of a square that has an area of nine square meters?

The square root of nine is three, so the answer is three meters.

Does 225 have 3 factors?

225 has nine factors.

What are factors of nine?

the factors are 3,1, and 9 iteself

How many factors does 196 have?

196 has nine factors.

How many factors does 100?

100 has nine factors.

How many factors does the number 36 have?

Nine factors

Is nine a perfect cube?

no it is not 4 is a perfect cube

How many square feet in one yard?

There are nine square feet in one square yard.There are nine square feet in one square yard.