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five because 10 divided by 2

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What is the speed of a bicyclist who takes an hour and a half to travel 10 kilometers?

Average speed = distance / timedistance = 10 kmtime = 1.5 hoursAverage speed = 10 km / 1.5 hours = 6.67 km/hoursor1 mile = 1.60934 km6.67 km/hr = 4.14 miles/hrBecause we do not know if the speed of the bicyclist was constant or not, we can only give the average speed of this cyclist.

How long does it take to travel 310 km at a speed of 100 kmh?

3 hours and 10 minutes!

What is your speed if you travel 10 kilometers in 2.5 hours?

As speed is ratio of distance and time...therefore upon calculating, you will get speed of 4 Km per hour.

How fast are you walking in km if you cover 10 km in 2.5 hours?

Your speed is then exactly 10 km per 2.5 hours. As a unit rate, that speed can also be expressed as 4 km per hour.

How many hours to travel a 78 km?

That depends at what speed you are travelling.

How many hours of travel is 250 kilometers?

The speed in km/hour must be given. The answer is obtained by dividing 250 km by speed in km/hour

If you jog for 1 h and travel 10 km 10 km h describes what?

average speed

In How many seconds will a car travel 50 km going at 10 km per h?

To travel 50km at 10km/h it will take 5 hours (time = distance/speed). 5 hours x 3600 = 18000 seconds.

What is your average speed if you travel 100 km in 2 hours?


You travel to a city 200 km away in 2.5 hours what is your average speed in kmh?

80 km/h

How long it takes to travel around the earth?

That depends on the speed. The circumference of the Earth is 40,000 km. Decide on a speed, then divide this distance by the speed. If the speed is in km/hour, the time will be in hours.

How many hours of travel time from Manas Kyrgyzstan to Fayetteville NC?

Distance from Manas to Fayetteville is 6.788,31 miles (10.924,69 km) with hours of travel is approximately 21 hours if use plane with speed 500 Km/hours.

How many hours would it take to travel km at a speed of 766.05km?

A "speed of 766.05km" is a meaningless expression; speed is not measured in km but in km per some unit of time. The question is, therefore, meaningless.

How long will it take to travel 50 km going 10 km per hour?

50/10 = 5 hours

How do you convert km per hour to km?

You obviously need to know how long the period of travel is in hours, then multiply by the speed.

What is a ratio of two quantities that have different units?

It is a rate. For instance, if the quantities are 10 km and 2 hours, then the ratio (10 km)/(2 hours) = 10/2 km/hour = 5 km/h, which is a rate of speed.

How long will it take a bus to travel 450 km if it is cruising at an average speed of 45 kmh?

450/45 = 10 hours of driving time.

What is the speed of a car that travel 200 km in 4.00 hrs?

Average speed = distance/time = 200km/4 hours = 50 km per hour

How many kilometers can a car travel in two hours if its speed is 40 kilometers an hour?

If 1 hour ===> 40 km, then 2 hours ===> 80 km.

How many km can a car travel in 2 hrs if its speed is 40km h?

If 1 hour ===> 40 km, then 2 hours ===> 80 km.

If you travel 164 kilometres in 2 and a half hours what is the average speed?

Average speed = Total Distance / Total Time = 164 km / 2.5 hours = 164/2.5 km per hour = 65.6 km per hour.

What is your speed in kilometers per hour if you travel 15 kilometers in 0.45 hours?

Your speed in km/h would be equal to 20 km/h. No, 15/0.45 = 33 km/hr

What is your average speed if you can travel 100 kilimiters in 2 hours?

50 KM per hour.

How far will you travel in 9 hours at a speed of 77 kilometers per hour?

693 km

How long does it take a lorry to travel a distance of 150 km at a speed of 70 km?

Approximately 2 hours 8.5 minutes.

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