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2.5 metres in 6 minutes = 25 m in 60 minutes (or 1 hour)

So speed = 25 metres per hour.

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Q: What is the speed of a snail crawling at 2.5m in 6 minutes?
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What is 6 hours and 10 minutes minus 3 hours and 45 minutes?

6h 10m - 3h 45m = 2h 25m

How long does it take to walk 350 meters?

An average walking speed is between five and six kilometers per hour. At the bottom end of that scale then, we get: 5km/h = 5000m/3600s = 25m/18s 350m / (25m / 18s) = 252s or four minutes and twelve seconds. At the high end of that scale, we have: 6km/h = 6000m/3600s = 5m/3s 350m / (5m / 3s) = 210s or three minutes and thirty seconds So for someone to walk 350 meters at an average speed would take roughly between three and a half to four and a fifth minutes.

How do you calculate the acceleration of a ball that starts from rest and rolls down a ramp and gains a speed of 25 ms in 5 s?

Acceleration is the speed variation at a given time. Thus you must calculate the speed variation: Final speed - Initial speed = 25m/s-0m/s=25m/s The conscious then is performed over time.. t=5s Finally, the acceleration is a=(25m/s)/5s=5m/s2

What is 25m plus 22p in factored form?

25m + 22p is in its simplest form.

What is longer 25m or 0.25km?

what one is bigger 25m or 0.25km

25m cm answers?

25m and cm are are not equivalent measures.

What fraction of 25m is 150cm?

150cm/25m = 150cm/2500cm = 0.06

what one is bigger 25m or 0.25km?

.25km is bigger than 25m

What is the length in feet and inches of 25m?

25m is 82 feet 0.25 inches.

What is the final speed of the marble at the bottom of the straight ramp and loop ramp?

A marble traveling at 3.0m/s starts to acceleration at 4.5m/s over a distance of 25m. what is the final speed of the marble?

Is distance the magnitude of velocity?

Remember that velocity is a vector quantity which means it needs two criteria to be defined; a magnitude, and a direction. When we discuss the magnitude of velocity, what we are talking about is the speed (30m/s, 45mph, etc). Those examples are examples of speed; it is only when we add a direction that it becomes 'velocity'. So, the difference is: "25m/s" is a speed, but "25m/s east" is a velocity. Speed (the magnitude of velocity) is calculated by taking the total displacement divided by the total time. Speed=(distance travelled)/(time it takes). Hope this helps

Who broke the womans 25m freestyle world record in swimming and what was their time?

You dont swim 25m at a competition. The 25m race is not an official race, as an Olympic pool is 50 meters long.