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If you multiply the wavelength (in meters) and the frequency (in Hertz), you will get the speed of the wave (in meters per second).

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Q: What is the speed of a wave if its wavelength is 0.02meters its frequencyis 400hz?
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What happens to wavelength if the frequencyis increased?

As the frequency goes up, the wavelength decreases. Their product is always the same number . . . the wave's speed.

What is the relationship between wavelength and frequencyand the speed of light?

For ANY wave . . .Speed = (wavelength) x (frequency)Wavelength = (speed) / (frequency)Frequency = (speed) / (wavelength)

What is the mathematical relationship between frequency wavelength and wave speed?

Frequency = (speed) / (wavelength) Wavelength = (speed) / (frequency) Speed = (wavelength) x (frequency)

How is the wavelength of light related to its frequency?

Wavelength = (speed) / (frequency) Frequency = (speed) / (wavelength)

What is the equation for finding the wavelength of a wave?

wavelength = (wave speed) / (frequency) frequency = (wave speed) / (wavelength) Wave speed = (wavelength) x (frequency)

Relationship between frequency velocity and wavelength?

Wavelength = (speed) divided by (frequency) Frequency = (speed) divided by (wavelength) Speed = (frequency) times (wavelength)

What is the equation for the relationship between frquency and wavelength?

For a single wave: Speed = (frequency) x (wavelength) Frequency = (speed) / (wavelength) Wavelength = (speed) / (frequency)

What is relationship between wave speed wavelenght and frequency?

Speed = (wavelength) x (frequency) Wavelength = (speed)/(frequency) Frquency = (speed)/(wavelength)

How does frequencey relate to wavelength?

Frequency = (wave speed) divided by (wavelength)Wavelength = (wave speed) divided by (frequency)Wave speed = (frequency) multiplied by (wavelength)

What is relation between wave speed and frecuency?

Speed = (frequency) times (wavelength) Frequency = (speed) divided by (wavelength) Wavelength = (speed) divided by (frequency)

What is the formula for period using wavelength and speed?

Period = wavelength/speed

What is the relationship between wave speedwavelength and frequency?

Speed = (wavelength) x (frequency) Wavelength = (speed)/(frequency) Frquency = (speed)/(wavelength)

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