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The square footage of a lot measuring 81x180x113x180 is 20,340 square feet. Square footage is found by multiplying the length by the width of an area.

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Q: What is the square footage of a lot measuring 81x180x113x180?
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If lot measures 103x150x102x150 what is the square footage?


How do you figure square footage of a parking lot that is 10 by 30 by 40?

For a parking lot to have 3 measurements, it must be an unusual shape. We would need more information to figure the square footage.

Is the square footage of your house part of your lot?

Yes and no. If the home is a one story, then obviously whatever the square footage of it is, is what square footage of land is underneath it. Now, if you have a two story home you wouldn't be able to use the square footage. You may ask why is that. Because now your square footage is equal to up and down stairs. In turn this will double the square footage. I wanted to add to this question that most lots are meassured by length and width. So lets say your length is 130 FT and your width is 60 FT, You multiply the two numbers and come up with the square footage of your lot, 7800square feet.

How do you calculate a lot size?

Multiply the length by the width to get square footage.

What is the area of a lot with the dimensions 125.46x57.57x130.00 feet?

The square footage of the lot is 938,955.18 sq ft.

What is the square footage of one city lot?

The size of a city lot varies greatly from city to city. For instance some cities use a parameter of 50 feet of frontage and 150 feet in length. That would make square footage of that city lot of 7,500 square feet.

Square footage of Russia?

Square footage? That's a bit 'precise'.Countries - especially ones the size of Russia are usually measured in square miles.* 1 square mile = 27,878,400 square feet. * Russia is 6,592,800 square miles. * Multiplying 27,878,400 by 6,592,800 gives 183,796,715,520,000 square feet. That's a lot of carpet!

What is the square footage of lot 632 feet by 25 feet?

632' x 25' = 15800 sq. ft.

What is the maximum Square footage allowed for remodel on a lot of 5900 feet?

The Department of Zoning at your local city hall can answer your question.

How does an insurance company determine the value of a home without an inspection?

Square footage. Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Lot Size, and Location

Would the footprint of a building be considered the square footage of a building?

No. The building footprint is the area it occupies within a lot or space. That building can be multiple stories ether above or underground. The space within the building footprint/ multiple stories can be considered the square footage.

What is the square feet of a lot with the dimensions 139.96 by 61.78 by 182.25 by 90.33 by 138.80?

Since the lot is an irregular polygon you need to either determine diagonal lengths within the lot or the interior and/or exterior angles of the corners. The square footage of an irregular polygon cannot be determined by the lengths of the sides alone.

What is the total square footage of a lot with dimensions of 118'X121'X103'X139'?

It is not possible to answer the question. The fact that there are four lengths suggests that the lot is a shape in 4-dimensional hyperspace. In that case I not sure that a meaningful measure of the total square footage can be given. Al alternative is that these are the measures of the four sides of a quadrilateral. A quadrilateral is not a rigid shape. It can be flexed through infinitely many shapes - from a thin long shape to a near rectangle and the area will vary hugely according to the shape. It is, therefore. not possible to calculate the square footage.

What is the sq ft of a lot 59.60x107.09x139.23x138.04?

You gave four dimensions in the question. You have a 4-dimensional hyper-cube, also known as a tesseract. Square footage does not apply here.

What is the perimeter measurement in feet of 15 acres?

That depends on the shape of the lot. However, the perimeter of a 15-acre square lot is 3.233.33 feet with each side measuring 808.33 feet.

When a Lot that is 150 feet X 360 feet on a 90 degree angle the other two sides are 450 feet and 750 feet what is the square footage and acres?

its 90000000000000000.hippo

What is the square feet of a lot with the dimensions 130x133x68x72?

I assume your dimentions mean the lot is not even on both sides such as 133x72? Approx. sq. footage is 9,202 +-. Very often you will see lots advertised and being more or less a given size.

What is the approx cost per square foot for basement remodelling?

It depends a lot on total square footage and condition of existing basement. 1000 sq.ft basement with no bathroom could be done for $20 per foot including labor and all materials.

How do you figure the square footage of a house?

Measure the outside W x L = sq. ft. of each level of your house. A lot of counties and cities put the total sq. ft. of a home, as well as, lot size info. on tax forms.

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Bathroom Furniture?

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What is the mass measuring tool?

the mass measuring tools are: standard balance senstive balance and there are lot more types

What is the sq footage of a lot measuring 260' by 170' by 240' by 52'?

It isn't possible to know without knowing the shape of the lot. If you could measure the diagonals, then with that information along with the length of each side, it would be possible to say. If you knew the diagonals, then this equation could be used to give your answer: Area = 1/4 X square root (4p2q2 - (a2 + c2 - b2 - d2)2) p and q are the diagonals a, b, c, d are the four perimeter measurements.

The area of a square parking lot is 81 square yards How long is one side of the square parking lot?

If you take the square root of 81, you get 9 square yards, which is the answer.

How many square inches is Texas?

a-lot lot lot lot lol