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The square number of 8 is 64

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Q: What is the square number of eight?
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What is 3 times the square root of 8 times the square root of eight?

24, because the square root of eight times the square root of eight, is eight. the square root of any number, squared, is the original number. then 8 times 3 is 24

What is the best classification for the square root of eight?

The square root of eight is an irrational real number.

What is the nearest whole number to the square root of 70?


How many corners does a square prism have?

eight :) number 8 it has eight/8 corners/vertices.

What is 8 to the square root of 2 on a number line?

Eight to the square root of two is 18.930500992570284227768534002147.

Is the square root of eight rational or irrational?

Irrational. The square root of a positive integer is either an integer (that is, if the integer is a perfect square), or an irrational number.

When you subtract one square number from another the answer is eight what are the two numbers?

9 and 1

Which number is the only cube one less less than a square?

eight ( 8 )

What does nine mean?

Nine is the number after eight. 9 - it means that there are this many of something: *********Nine is the square of three.It is the square root of 81.It is the highest one digit number.

What number multiplied by itself is eight?

3.5 = 12.25 That is not the right answer. I am not sure there is a square root to 8...

Why is eight a square number?

A square number is a number that has been produced by multiplying an initial number by itself. Thus, 8 is not a square number. This can quickly be checked by breaking the number down into its prime factors. If it is a square number, all the prime factors will pair off with duplicates. In this case, 8 = 2x2x2. While 2 of the 2s can partner off, we are left with one left over. Therefore we can say definitively that 8 is not a square number.

How do you make a check out for 880?

You write: eight hundred and eighty dollars. Always do it as close to the square where you write in the number and draw a line in front of the eight hundred. This way it can't be added to or changed to a higher number.