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"Square root of a triangle" has no meaning.

Neither has "divided by all sides".

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Q: What is the square root of a triangle divided by all sides and multiplied by 10?
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When a square is divided by diagonal is it called an equilateral triangle?

no but the diagonal divides the square into two equilateral triangles. An equilateral triangle is a triangle that has two sides of the same length

What is the number of sides of a triangle multiplied by three?

9 A triangle has three sides times by three = 9

How do you find the length of the sides of a right triangle when you know the hypotenuse?

If it is a 45-45-90 triangle, then divide the hypotenuse by the square root of 2. If it is a 30-60-90 triangle, then the shorter leg would be the hypotenuse divided by 2. And the longer leg would be the the shorter leg multiplied by the square root of 3.

What makes a triangle stronger then a square?

because the triangle is have a 3 sides and the square have a 4 sides

Can a triangle and square be congruent and explain?

no... because a triangle has 3 sides and a square has 4 sides

What is the difference between a square pyramid and a triangle pyramid?

A square pyramid has the base of a square,and sides of a triangle. While a triangle pyramid has the base and sides of a triangle.

How many sides does a square and triangle have?

Square: 4 Triangle: 3

What is the difference between a square and triangle?

A square has four equal sides. A triangle has three equal sides.

What is the number of sides of a triangle multiplied by the number of hours in a day?

72. This 3 multiplied by 24

Is a triangle and a square congruent?

No. A triangle has 3 sides while a square has 4.

What is the perimeter for triangle square and rectangle?

Triangle = sum of its 3 sides Square = sum of its 4 sides Rectangle = sum of its 4 sides

How many sides are in a square if you have three corners in a triangle?

There are four sides in a square.

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