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It depends on the data. The standard deviation takes account of each value, therefore it is necessary to know the values to find the sd.

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Q: What is the standard deviation if all data points are different?
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What is the minimum data required for standard deviation?

The standard deviation is a measure of how spread out the numbers are. Three points is needed to calculate a statistically valid meaningful standard deviation.

Can standard deviation be above 10?

Yes, depending on the data being studied. Standard deviation can be thought of as the magnitude of the average distance between the data points and their mean.

If a set of data has 100 points and a variance 4 then what is the standard deviation?

Standard deviation is the square root of the variance. Since you stated the variance is 4, the standard deviation is 2.

What would it mean if a standard deviation was calculated to equal 0?

A standard deviation of zero means that all the data points are the same value.

In research how to define standard deviation?

Standard deviation shows how much variation there is from the "average" (mean). A low standard deviation indicates that the data points tend to be very close to the mean, whereas high standard deviation indicates that the data are spread out over a large range of values.

If a set of data has 100 points and variance 4 then the standard deviation is?

The SD is 2.

What is standard deviation used for?

Standard deviation is a measure of the spread of data.

What are the uses of standard deviation?

The standard deviation is a measure of the spread of data.

If the standard deviation is small the data is more dispersed?

No, if the standard deviation is small the data is less dispersed.

Can standard deviation equal zero?

Standard deviation can only be zero if all the data points in your set are equal. If all data points are equal, there is no deviation. For example, if all the participants in a survey coincidentally were all 30 years old, then the value of age would be 30 with no deviation. Thus, there would also be no standard deviation.A data set of one point (small sample) will always have a standard deviation of zero, because the one value doesn't deviate from itself at all.!

When do you use the relative standard deviation instead of standard deviation?

Use %RSD when comparing the deviation for popolations with different means. Use SD to compare data with the same mean.

What does a large standard deviation indicate?

It means that the individual data points may vary a lot from the average.

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