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The standard notation for 1.345x10 to the -5 power is 0.00001345

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the standard notation for1.345x10 to the-5 power?
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FIRST PAGE OF STANDARD FIRE POLICYNo. ............[Space for insertion of name of company or companies issuing the policy andother matter permitted to be stated at the head of the policy.][Space for listing amounts of insurance, rates and premiums for the basiccoverages insured under the standard form of policy and for additionalcoverages or perils insured under endorsements attached.]In Consideration of the Provisions and Stipulations herein or added heretoand of ...................................................... Dollars Premiumthis Company, ) ( at noon, Standard Time,for the term ) from the ... day of ..., 19... ( at location of propertyof .......... ) to the ... day of ...., 19.... ( involved,does insure ...................................................................and legal representatives, TO THE LESSER AMOUNT OF EITHER:1) THE ACTUAL CASH VALUE OF THE PROPERTY AT THE TIME OF THE LOSS, OR2) THE AMOUNT WHICH IT WOULD COST TO REPAIR OR REPLACE THE PROPERTY WITHMATERIAL OF LIKE KIND AND QUALITY WITHIN A REASONABLE TIME AFTER SUCH LOSS,WITHOUT ALLOWANCE FOR ANY INCREASED COST OF REPAIR OR RECONSTRUCTION BYREASON OF ANY ORDINANCE OR LAW REGULATING CONSTRUCTION OR REPAIR, AND WITHOUTCOMPENSATION FOR LOSS RESULTING FROM INTERRUPTION OF BUSINESS OR MANUFACTURE,OR3) TO AN AMOUNT NOT EXCEEDING ........ DOLLARS, BUT IN ANY EVENT FOR NO MORETHAN THE INTEREST OF THE INSURED, AGAINST ALL DIRECT LOSS BY FIRE, LIGHTNINGAND BY REMOVAL FROM PREMISES ENDANGERED BY THE PERILS INSURED AGAINST IN THISPOLICY, EXCEPT AS HEREINAFTER PROVIDED, to the property described hereinafterwhile located or contained as described in this policy, or pro rata for fivedays at each proper place to which any of the property shall necessarily beremoved for preservation from the perils insured against in this policy, butnot elsewhere.Assignment of this policy shall not be valid except with the written consentof this Company.This policy is made and accepted subject to the foregoing provisions andstipulations and those hereinafter stated, which are hereby made a part ofthis policy, together with such other provisions, stipulations and agreementsas may be added hereto, as provided in this policy.In Witness Whereof, this Company has executed and attested these presents; butthis policy shall not be validunless countersigned by the duly authorized Agent of this Company at .........................................................................................Secretary. President.Countersigned this ..... day of .........., 19.... ...........................AGENT.SECOND PAGE OF STANDARD FIRE POLICY1 Concealment, This entire policy shall be void if, whether2 fraud. before or after a loss, the insured has wil-3 fully concealed or misrepresented any ma-4 terial fact or circumstance concerning this insurance or the5 subject thereof, or the interest of the insured therein, or in case6 of any fraud or false swearing by the insured relating thereto.7 Uninsurable This policy shall not cover accounts, bills,8 and currency, deeds, evidences of debt, money or9 excepted property. securities; nor, unless specifically named10 hereon in writing, bullion or manuscripts.11 Perils not This Company shall not be liable for loss by12 included. fire or other perils insured against in this13 policy caused, directly or indirectly, by: (a)14 enemy attack by armed forces, including action taken by mili-15 tary, naval or air forces in resisting an actual or an immediately16 impending enemy attack; (b) invasion; (c) insurrection; (d)17 rebellion; (e) revolution; (f) civil war; (g) usurped power; (h)18 order of any civil authority except acts of destruction at the time19 of and for the purpose of preventing the spread of fire, provided20 that such fire did not originate from any of the perils excluded21 by this policy; (i) neglect of the insured to use all reasonable22 means to save and preserve the property at and after a loss, or23 when the property is endangered by fire in neighboring prem-24 ises; (j) nor shall this Company be liable for loss by theft.25 Other Insurance. Other insurance may be prohibited or the26 amount of insurance may be limited by en-27 dorsement attached hereto.28 Conditions suspending or restricting insurance. Unless other-29 wise provided in writing added hereto this Company shall not30 be liable for loss occurring31 (a) while the hazard is increased by any means within the con-32 trol or knowledge of the insured; or33 (b) while a described building, whether intended for occupancy34 by owner or tenant, is vacant or unoccupied beyond a period of35 sixty consecutive days; or36 (c) as a result of explosion or riot, unless fire ensue, and in37 that event for loss by fire only.38 Other perils Any other peril to be insured against or sub-39 or subjects. ject of insurance to be covered in this policy40 shall be by endorsement in writing hereon or41 added hereto.42 Added provisions. The extent of the application of insurance43 under this policy and of the contribution to44 be made by this Company in case of loss, and any other pro-45 vision or agreement not inconsistent with the provisions of this46 policy, may be provided for in writing added hereto, but no pro-47 vision may be waived except such as by the terms of this policy48 is subject to change.49 Waiver No permission affecting this insurance shall50 provisions. exist, or waiver of any provision be valid,51 unless granted herein or expressed in writing52 added hereto. No provision, stipulation or forfeiture shall be53 held to be waived by any requirement or proceeding on the part54 of this Company relating to appraisal or to any examination55 provided for herein.56 Cancellation This policy shall be cancelled at any time57 of policy. at the request of the insured, in which case58 this Company shall, upon demand and sur-59 render of this policy, refund the excess of paid premium above60 the customary short rates for the expired time. This pol-61 icy may be cancelled at any time by this Company by giving62 to the insured a five days' written notice of cancellation with63 or without tender of the excess of paid premium above the pro64 rata premium for the expired time, which excess, if not ten-65 dered, shall be refunded on demand. Notice of cancellation shall66 state that said excess premium (if not tendered) will be re-67 funded on demand.68 Mortgagee If loss hereunder is made payable, in whole69 interests and or in part, to a designated mortgagee not70 obligations. named herein as the insured, such interest in71 this policy may be cancelled by giving to such72 mortgagee a ten days' written notice of can-73 cellation.74 If the insured fails to render proof of loss such mortgagee, upon75 notice, shall render proof of loss in the form herein specified76 within sixty (60) days thereafter and shall be subject to the pro-77 visions hereof relating to appraisal and time of payment and of78 bringing suit. If this Company shall claim that no liability ex-79 isted as to the mortgagor or owner, it shall, to the extent of pay-80 ment of loss to the mortgagee, be subrogated to all the mort-81 gagee's rights of recovery, but without impairing mortgagee's82 right to sue; or it may pay off the mortgage debt and require83 an assignment thereof and of the mortgage. Other provisions84 relating to the interests and obligations of such mortgagee may85 be added hereto by agreement in writing.86 Pro rata liability. This Company shall not be liable for a greater87 proportion of any loss than the amount88 hereby insured shall bear to the whole insurance covering the89 property against the peril involved, whether collectible or not.90 Requirements in The insured shall give immediate written91 case loss occurs. notice to this Company of any loss, protect92 the property from further damage, forthwith93 separate the damaged and undamaged personal property, put94 it in the best possible order, furnish a complete inventory of95 the destroyed, damaged and undamaged property, showing in96 detail quantities, costs, actual cash value and amount of loss97 claimed; and within sixty days after the loss, unless such time98 is extended in writing by this Company, the insured shall render99 to this Company a proof of loss, signed and sworn to by the100 insured, stating the knowledge and belief of the insured as to101 the following: the time and origin of the loss, the interest of the102 insured and of all others in the property, the actual cash value of103 each item thereof and the amount of loss thereto, all encum-104 brances thereon, all other contracts of insurance, whether valid105 or not, covering any of said property, any changes in the title,106 use, occupation, location, possession or exposures of said prop-107 erty since the issuing of this policy, by whom and for what108 purpose any building herein described and the several parts109 thereof were occupied at the time of loss and whether or not it110 then stood on leased ground, and shall furnish a copy of all the111 descriptions and schedules in all policies and, if required, verified112 plans and specifications of any building, fixtures or machinery113 destroyed or damaged. The insured, as often as may be reason-114 ably required, shall exhibit to any person designated by this115 Company all that remains of any property herein described, and116 submit to examinations under oath by any person named by this117 Company, and subscribe the same; and, as often as may be118 reasonably required, shall produce for examination all books of119 account, bills, invoices and other vouchers, or certified copies120 thereof if originals be lost, at such reasonable time and place as121 may be designated by this Company or its representative, and122 shall permit extracts and copies thereof to be made.123 Appraisal. In case the insured and this Company shall124 fail to agree as to the actual cash value or125 the amount of loss, then, on the written demand of either, each126 shall select a competent and disinterested appraiser and notify127 the other of the appraiser selected within twenty days of such128 demand. The appraisers shall first select a competent and dis-129 interested umpire; and failing for fifteen days to agree upon130 such umpire, then, on request of the insured or this Company,131 such umpire shall be selected by a judge of a court of record in132 the state in which the property covered is located. The ap-133 praisers shall then appraise the loss, stating separately actual134 cash value and loss to each item; and, failing to agree, shall135 submit their differences, only, to the umpire. An award in writ-136 ing, so itemized, of any two when filed with this Company shall137 determine the amount of actual cash value and loss. Each138 appraiser shall be paid by the party selecting him and the ex-139 penses of appraisal and umpire shall be paid by the parties140 equally.141 Company's It shall be optional with this Company to142 options. take all, or any part, of the property at the143 agreed or appraised value, and also to re-144 pair, rebuild or replace the property destroyed or damaged with145 other of like kind and quality within a reasonable time, on giv-146 ing notice of its intention so to do within thirty days after the147 receipt of the proof of loss herein required.148 Abandonment. There can be no abandonment to this Com-149 pany of any property.150 When loss The amount of loss for which this Company151 payable. may be liable shall be payable sixty days152 after proof of loss, as herein provided, is153 received by this Company and ascertainment of the loss is made154 either by agreement between the insured and this Company ex-155 pressed in writing or by the filing with this Company of an156 award as herein provided.157 Suit. No suit or action on this policy for the recov-158 ery of any claim shall be sustainable in any159 court of law or equity unless all the requirements of this policy160 shall have been complied with, and unless commenced within161 twenty-four months next after inception of the loss.162 Subrogation. This Company may require from the insured163 an assignment of all right of recovery against164 any party for loss to the extent that payment therefor is made165 by this Company.