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2x + 9 = 27

2x = 18

x = 9

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Q: What is the steps.I think of an number and double it. Then I add 9 to get the sum of 27?
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What are some mind reading number tricks?

Tell them to think of a number between 1-9. Tell them to double it Tell them to add, let's say, 4 Tell them to half it Tell them to tell them their answer and their answers would be 2. How? Easy. Half of the number you tell them to add after they double their, is the number they started with. In this case, 2 would be their starting answer because half of 4 is 2 It also works with odd numbers, if you're good at calculating decimals So remember. Think of a number. Double it Add a number of your choice Half it Ask for their answer. Half the number you told them to add Tell them And there you go, they'll think you're a mind-reader

If you double a number and then add 32 the result is 80. What is the number?


What number comes next 4 8 10 20?

22 Double it, add two, double it, add two, etc.

Yuor secret number is a whole number between 1 and 10if you double it and you add 4 you get an odd numberwhat is the number?

It's not possible to double any whole number, then add 4, and wind up with an odd number.

What type of number do you get if you double a whole number and add one?

That always gives you an odd number.

What does double the original number mean?

It means to multiply the number by 2 or to add it to itself. So if the original number is 10, then double that number would be 20.

How do you divide double digit by double digit?

add numbers below to each number at the top

If you think of a number you subtract 173 you add 369 the answer is 536 what was your number?

the number was 340

What number If you double me and that you add 20 you will obtain the same result that if you triple me Which number am I?

2x + 20

Bertha has a special number if you add the digIts of Bertha number and double it then you get Breatha number again what is Breatha number?


How do you make an odd number to a even number?

Double it. Add or subtract one. Multiply it by an even number. Threaten it.

What is doubles in math?

To double in math, it means to take a number..... such a 2 and take that number and add it 2 times here are some examples EX: 2 double 2 = 4 EX: 3 double 3 = 6 So the point of doubling is you add the same number.

What does add one to the term number mean?

addition i think

What is the trick where you make someone get a specific number?

The trick is that you ask somebody to think of a number, double it, add 10, half it , take away the first number you thought of and your answer is 5 . This is because you asked them to add 10 and their answer was 5. it is just the same with other numbers as long as they are even. Say if you asked them to add 8, their answer would be 4 or if you asked them to add 6, their answer would be 3. You just half the number that you added and it will instantly get you their answer.

What pattern is 3 7 15 31?

You double the number before it and add 1.

What is the maximum number of rooms you can have on moshimonsters?

5 I think add me ahillster

How does this work Pick a number any number add 17 double it subtract 4 double it add 20 divide by 4 and subtract 20 You end up with your original answer. How?

Start with n, then you get; Add 17: n + 17 Double it: 2n + 34 Subtract 4: 2n + 30 Double it: 4n + 60 Add 20: 4n + 80 Divide by 4: n + 20 Subtract 20: n which is where you started.

Think of a number one through 10 then add 5 then add 3 then subtract the number that you thought of is you answer 8?

Yes. Adding eight to any number and then subtracting that number will leave the eight.

When you add two odd number together is your answer an even or an odd number?

Always an even number. Think of an odd number as an even number plus a half. Add them up and the two halves make an even.

Is it difficult having a second child on a low income?

Think about how hard it was with the first....then add about double that with the next.

Is there any math solving website?

I think of a number then subtract 3.75 from it.I add 2 times 6.25;then I add 25 to the obtained result and the final number will be 100.What was my initial number?

What can be said about the relationship between the number of hydrogen atoms and the number of carbon atoms in an alkane?

To arrive at the number of hydrogen atoms, double the number of carbon atoms, then add two.

How do you spell one to one hundred?

The names of numbers from 1 to 100, in English, are:onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleventwelvethirteenfourteenfifteensixteenseventeeneighteennineteentwentytwenty-onetwenty-twotwenty-threetwenty-fourtwenty-fivetwenty-sixtwenty-seventwenty-eighttwenty-ninethirtyFor 31 to 39, add a hyphen - after "thirty" and add the single number (same as above for 21 to 29.40. FortyFor 41 to 49, again add a hyphen - then add the single number.50. FiftyFor 51 to 59, again add a hyphen - then add the single number.60. SixtyFor 61 to 69, again add a hyphen - then add the single number.70. SeventyFor 71 to 79, again add a hyphen - then add the single number.80. EightyFor 81 to 89, again add a hyphen - then add the single number.90. NinetyFor 91 to 99, again add a hyphen - then add the single number.100. One hundredFor all 3-digit numbers in English, start with the "hundredths" and add the double-digit number, for example:398 would be three hundred ninety-eight. (ninety-eight is a double-digit number)

What number divided by 9 has a remainder 6?

15 or any whole number you can think of multiplied by nine and then add 6

Does double mean to add or to multiply?

Adding the same number twice l like 75+75=150