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Q: What is the sum of 13 and twice a number h?
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what is the sum of 12 and a number h?

h = 4 and 8 +4=12

How do you write an algebraic expression for the sum of a number H and 88 minus 4?

H + 88 - 4 which can be simplified to H + 84.

What is the sum of five times h and twice g is equal to 23 in equation form?

So this statement is an equation whose left side contains the sum of (5) and (twice g), and the right side contains only 23. 2g + 5 = 23

Half the sum of m and 5?

the quotient of 12 and a number h

How many different combinations are possible if a coin is tossed twice and a number cube is tossed once?

18 different combinations. When a coin is tossed twice there are four possible outcomes, (H,H), (H,T), (T,H) and (T,T) considering the order in which they appear (first or second). But if we are talking of combinations of the two individual events, then the order in which they come out is not considered. So for this case the number of combinations is three: (H,H), (H,T) and (T,T). For the case of tossing a die once there are six possible events. The number of different combinations when tossing a coin twice and a die once is: 3x6 = 18 different combinations.

Is negative 13 over 12 rational?

-13/12 is a rational number

What has the author H M A El-Sum written?

H. M. A. El-Sum has written: 'Reconstructed wave-front microscopy'

if angle H and angle J are supplementary and H is twice...?

60 degrees

What is the number of possible outcomes when a coin is tossed twice?

4 : Each coin toss multiplies the generated outcome by two. The outcome for two tosses can be Heads (H) Tails (T), H H, T T or T H. As such, with three tosses the outcome can be H H H, H H T, H T H, T H H, T T H, T T T, T H T, H T T. We can define the number of outcomes as 2^n, where n is the amount of tosses.

2 times the sum of h and 3?

2(h + 3) = 2h + 6

What is negative h over 3 minus 4 equals 13?

-h/3 -4 = 13 -h -12 = 39 -h = 39+12 -h = 51 h = -51

The total of h and 56?

The expression h + 56 can't be simplified. If you assign a value to h, you can calculate the sum.