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Q: What is the sum of 15 and a number x?
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The sum of 15 and a number x?

(x + 15)

What is the sum of 15 and the product of a number one and x?

It is 15 + 1x.

What is the sum of 9 and two times a number is 15?

Let the number be x and if 9+2x = 15 then x equals 3

the sum of 15 and a x?

x+15 if you are trying to find the value of x it would be x+15 x=-15

How do you rewrite each sum as a product of the GCF of the addends and another number for example 15 45?

(15 x 1) + (15 x 3) = 15 x 4 = 60

Write a variable expression for this amount... 3 times the sum of a number z and 15?


What if 5 is added to a number and the sum is tripled?

You will have 3(x + 5) or 3x + 15

Two numbers have a sum of 60 One number is 3 times the other number What are the two numbers?

The sum of 45 and 15 equals 60. 15 x 3 equals 45.

The sum of a number and 7 is 15 what is the product of the nomber and 4?

If x + 7 = 15, then 15 - 7 = x, therefore x = 8.If x = 8, then 4x is equal to 4 x 8 = 32.

One number is 4 times another The sum of the two numbers is -15 What is the value of the smaller number?


What is the sum of a number and 6?

Le the "number" be x. The sum is x + 6.

How do you write the sum of twenty and a number is negative fifteen?

20+(-15)=5You just took 15 from 20. When adding negative numbers to positive ones, you move LEFTWARD on the number line toward 0 (because that's where the negative numbers are).As I understand the question:If 20 and a number (x) = a negative 15 (-15), then you can write it out as an equation to get the answer:20 + x = -15 is the equation (x represents the number)20 - 20 + x = -15 - (-20) (what you do to one side you must do to the other)x = -35Therefore, the sum of 20 and -35 is -15.