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It is 8.25*10^10.

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Q: What is the sum of 2.9 10 to the tenth power plus 5.35 10 to the tenth power in scientific notation?
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What is 36 times 10 to the 3 power plus 15 times 10 to the 2 power?

It's best to convert those numbers from scientific notation to normal notation; that makes it easy to add them. After adding them, you can convert back to scientific notation if you want. Another option is to keep the numbers in scientific notation, but to convert them so that both have the same exponent.

What is the scientific notation plus and - rules?

20,000 + 3,400,000

What is the answer of 1 plus 100 zeros?

It could be: 1.0*10100 in scientific notation or just 1

What two things are always true of a number written scientific notation?

The exponents can be plus or minus.

What two things are always true of a number written in scientific notation?

The exponents can be plus or minus.

Can 1200 be written as 12.00E plus 2 in floating literals?

Yes. Most programming languages accept scientific notation. Scientific notation is usually considered normalized if there is one digit left of the decimal point; what you write in a constant doesn't need not be normalized; but the end-result of calculations, if shown in scientific notation, will usually be normalized.

What is the difference between scientific notation and negative exponents?

Scientific notation is a way to express very large or very small numbers. For very large exponent is positive; for very small exponent is negative. For example, 1,000,000 is 1 x 10 to the plus 6 exponent; 0.000001 is 1 x 10 to the negative 6 exponent

3.4 10 to the 4th power plus 7.1 10 to the 5th power in standard notation?

34000 + 710000 = 744000

What is 3.4 10 to the 4th power plus 7.1 10 to the 5th power in standard notation?

34000 + 710000 = 744000

Does 2 plus 2 equals 5 in a scientific notation?

No. Scientific notation is a way of expressing very large or very small digits as factors of ten (a sort of numeric abbreviation). Ie: 2x10^8 (two times ten to the eighth power) is the same as 2x10x10x10x10x10x10x10x10, or 200000000, or conversely 2x10^-8 (two times ten to the negative 8th) is .000000002 A number in scientific notation does not change the way the math is performed. Addition, subtractio, multiplication and division will still give the same answers. In direct relation to your question, 2+2 in scientific notation would be (2x10^0) x (2x10^0) and it would equal 4 (or 4x10^0)

If your TI-83 plus says something is 6e0 what is wrong?

Your calculator is in scientific or engineering notation mode. Press MODE and select NORMAL to change this.

The in scientific notation tells you how many places to move the decimal?

The exponent of 10 tells you how many places to move the decimal point to the left if it is minus or to the right if it is plus.

3000 plus 50 plus 0.009 in standard notation?

3000 plus 50 plus 0.009 in standard notation is 3,050.009

What is 23 plus 3564657263572?

23 + 3564657263572 = 3564657263595. In scientific notation, this is 3.564657263595 x 1012. This is an easier way to express a number of this size.

How do you change TI83 Plus so answers are decimal and not exponential such as 7.40920340e84?

Press MODE and select NORMAL at the top. (You may notice that SCI was selected for scientific notation.)

What number is one tenth more than 13.275?

The question is a bit amiguous. 13.275 plus one tenth = 13.375. 13.275 plus one tenth of 13.275 (a tenth more) is 14.6025

What is scientific notation of 4 x 106m plus 3 x 1o5 m?

4*106m + 3*105m = 4*106m + 0.3*106m = 4.3*106m

How is pH calculated?

pH is the negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration.You first have to know decimal notation. This is a way of expressing mixed number using a decimal point. The position of the number behind the decimal point determines the inverse decimal power of the denominator of the fractional part. That is .1 means 1/10, .01 means 1/100, .001 means 1/1000, and so on. having an infinite string of such power fractions enables you to express any 23.87459503 means 23 plus 8/10 plus 7/100 plus 4/1,000 plus 5/10,000 plus, 9/100,000 plus, 5/1,000,000 plus 3/100,000,000You then have to know scientific notation. This is a way of expressing very larger or very small numbers in decimal notation. What scientific notation does is relieve the significant digits from having to hold positional values. For example the number 5600000000000 needs all those zeros to show the true value of the number as position is important. In scientific notation this importance is expressed by simply stating the number of zeros. The number above in scientific notation is 56E11. The numbers right of the E simply stating how many zeros there are to be - or more accurately the number of zeros to the left of the decimal point.knowing this taking, the base 10 logarithm of any number that is multiple of 1 and 10 only (anything more complex and for now you will have to look up finding logarithms yourself) is just taking the number after the E in the scientific notation form of the number.knowing this you now have to know how to express chemical concentration. If you had 5 parts of hydrogen Chloride in one liter of water you could say that you have 5 parts per liter. If you use the proper scientific unit of parts (the mole) you can express this is scientific short hand [HCl]= 5, concentration of HCL is 5 moles/liter.Now ph is only concerned with the concentration of the Hydrogen ion. (a simplistic explanation that will do for this question) And what ph is - is the negative log of the Hydrogen ion concentration.So if you had a hydrogen ion concentration of .01. [.01]In scientific notation that is [1.0E-2]Taking the negative log of the Hydrogen ion concentration give ph=2[.0000001]= [1E-6] ph=6

Express you answer in scientific notation 4.5106 plus 3.9108 equals?

4.5106 x 100 + 3.9108 x 100 = 8.4214 x 100

How do you calculate 14575 plus 23x10 1 in scientific notation?

14575 + 23x101 =14805 =1.4805 x 104

145.75 plus 23 in scientific notation?

145.75 + 23 = 1.4575×10² + 2.3×10¹ = 14.575×10¹ + 2.3×10¹ = (14.575 + 2.3)×10¹ = 16.875×10¹ = 1.6875×10²

What is 8 tenth plus 4 hundredth plus 6 thousandth?

It is 0.846

How do you convert 0.0000000256 into a scientific notation?

Move the decimal point to immediately after the first non-zero digit. That is, move the decimal point 8 places to the right. The number of positions moved is the magnitude of the index. Plus for a move left, minus for a move right. So 8 mover to the right is -8. Therefore, the scientific notation is 2.56*10-8

What is a fifth plus a tenth?

It is: 3/10

What is 36.134 plus 7.65 rounded to the nearest tenth?