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x+10 with x being the variable representing "some number."

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Q: What is the sum of a number and ten translated in mathematical terms?
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What is Multinomial?

multiterm mathematical expression: a mathematical expression consisting of the sum of a number of terms, each of which contains a constant and variables raised to a positive integral power

What does polynomials mean in mathematical terms?

It means the sum of several monomials.

What is the mathematical definition for FOIL?

FOIL - It is the sum of:mutilpying the First terms,mutilpying the Outside terms,mutilpying the Inside terms, andmutilpying the Last terms

What is the definition for the mathematical term mean?

The arithmetic mean is an average arrived at by adding all the terms together and then dividing by the number of terms. Example : Add the digits up and then divide the sum by the number of separate numbers. For the numbers 2, 4, and 9, the sum is 15 and the mean is 15/3 or 5.

What is mathematical term that can determine the total number of?

sum? or like a symbol

The sum of terms divided by the number of terms?

average or mean

What does it mean if you cannot create a rectangle from a sum of terms?

It means that the sum is a prime number. It says nothing about the individual terms in the sum.

What is the sum of terms divided by the number of terms?

Adding together the terms and dividing them by the number of terms gives the arithmetic mean.

Arrange each set of words to for 3 mathematical terms love sum large cent burn me.?

Large Cent = RectangleBurn Me = NumberLove Sum = volumes

What is a mathematical sentence?

A mathematical sentence usually refers to an equation. x + y = 3 can be "translated" into this mathematical sentence: The sum of x and y is 3.

Write the following in mathematical expression the sum of a number and ten?

Write the following as an algebraic expression using x as the variable: The sum of a number and -8

Whats sum of terms divided by the number of terms?

The arithmetic mean.