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It means the sum of several monomials.

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Q: What does polynomials mean in mathematical terms?
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Putting mathematical terms in descending order?

evaluating polynomials

What does poloments mean?

"Poloments" appears to be a misspelling. If you meant "polynomials," they are mathematical expressions with multiple terms involving variables and coefficients. Polynomials are commonly used in algebra and calculus.

What does about mean in mathematical terms?

about in mathematical terms mean to round!

What does express mean in mathematical terms?

It means "a Mathematical Expression".

What does mg in mathematical terms mean?


What does is mean in mathematical terms?

"Is" usually signifies = .

What does reciprocal in mathematical terms mean?


Hellllp meee. How do you add polynomials when you don't have any like terms?

Hellllp meee, how do you add polynomials when you don't have any like terms is a very common questions when it comes to this type of math. However, the polynomials can only be added if all terms are alike. No unlike terms can be added within the polynomials.

What does the word thrice mean in mathematical terms?

it mean triple

How many terms does polynomials have?


What are the rules in addition of polynomials?

Add together the coefficients of "like" terms. Like terms are those that have the same powers of the variables in the polynomials.

What are the operation of polynomials?

Adding and subtracting polynomials is simply the adding and subtracting of their like terms.