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the sum of any triangle is always 180 degrees...

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Q: What is the sum of the angles of an acute obtuse triangle?
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Can a triangle have 1 obtuse angle and 2 acute angles?

A triangle can have one obtuse angle and two acute angles. The sum of all three angles must equal 180 degrees.

Can a triangle have 2 obtuse angles and one acute angle?

Nope, only one obtuse angle in a triangle is possible. The sum of the interior angles of a triangle is always 180º and an obtuse angle is larger than 90º. Thus the sum of two obtuse angles would be greater than 180º even without including an acute angle.

What is he sum of the angles of an obtuse triangle?

The sum of the interior angles on an Obtuse Triangle is 1800 . This is true of ALL triangles.

Which shape has only two acute angles?

"z" has two acute angles a triangle can have 3 acute angles but also will have a angle >= 60degrees acute (also note for every acute angle a obtuse angle is formed the sum of the obtuse and acute angle will = 360) because of this a arrow is the only shape with two acute angles and 1 obtuse

What is the sum of the interior angles of a obtuse triangle?

The sum of the interior angles of an obtuse triangle as with all triangles is 180 degrees.

What angle is a triangle?

A triangle has three angles. The sum of these 3 angles = 180°. At least two of the 3 angles will be acute angles (less than 90°). The third angle can be acute, or a right angle (equal to 90°) or obtuse (between 90° and 180°). Triangles can be categorized by the angles (acute, right or obtuse).

Can a triangle have one acute angles?

nope. if it did, the two other ends wouldn't be able to meet with obtuse angles. A triangle must have two or three acute angles. A triangle always has interior angles that sum to 180 degrees. If a triangle had only one acute angle, the sum of its angles would be more than 180 degrees, which is not possible.

What is the sum of exterior angles for a obtuse triangle?

It's when you add up the exterior angles for an obtuse triangle.

The sum of 2 acute angles is always obtuse angles?

I'm not sure I understand your actual question, but what you are actually asking with the wording is false. Two 30 degree angles would both be acute angles whos sum would only create another acute angle of 60 degrees. But if you have 2 acute angles, then the third would have to be obtuse to form a triangle.

What is the sum of the angles of an obtuse triangle?

180 degrees

Can a triangle have to obtuse angles?

You mean "two". No. The sum of 2 obtuse angles must be over 180 degrees, which exceeds the sum of the 3 angles of a triangle = 180 degrees.

If a triangle has one obtuse angle then the other two angles are acute?

Yeah, they have to be. The sum of the interior angles of a triangle is always 180. If one angle is greater than 90, then the remaining two's sum cannot be.

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