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Q: What is the surface area of a cylider?
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What is the formula of right cylider?

Volume in cubic units = pi*radius2*height Entire surface area in square units = (2*pi*radius2)+(pi*diameter*height)

Where is the serial number on a Smith and Wesson revolver?

It will be on the bottom of the hand butt, or inside the cylider crane area.

Algebra volume problem and answer?

you just have to divide the VOLUME of the gravity of the earth's surface while the gravitational pull is in the sphere in that case the VOLUME of the cylider is 6.95 g.

Were can you find a 1997 4-cylider metro motor in the Detroit area?

Go to any salvage yard. They can find you one on their computer network.

How many corners does a cylider have?


How many faces does a cylider has?


What is the surfqace area of a cylinder?

It is the surface area of the two ends plus the surface area of the curved surface. Surface area of each end is pir2 Surface area of the curved surface is 2pirh Total surface area = 2pir2 + 2pirh

What is the surface area is the sum of the areas of all the surfaces of a three dimensional object called?

The total surface area! The total surface area! The total surface area! The total surface area!

The surface area of a box when given the surface area height and peremeter?

It should be relatively easy to find the surface area of a box when you are given the surface area.

What is surface area and how you can decrease or increase surface area?

You can increase surface area by spreading the object

Find height of cylinder with surface area of 160 times 3.14 ft squared with radius of 5 ft?

Surface area of cylider with radius r and height h is 2*pi*r2 + 2*pi*r*h sqft Taking pi to be 3.14, 2*pi*25 + 2*pi*5*h = 160*pi Divide through by 10*pi 5 + h = 16 so h = 11 ft

Find the surface area?

It depends on the surface area of what!