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Q: What is the surface area of the Earth's landmass?
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What is the earths land masses?

Earth's landmass is the part of earth total area that is covered by land and solid mass; it occupies about 21% of earths total surface area. Earth's landmass consists of the soils, continents, rocks, vegetations, and every other landforms and structures present on the earths surface. Geographically we can say that the Earth's landmass is the areas ocupied by the crust, the lithosphere and the solid part of the biosphere.

What is the earths area?

The surface area in square miles is 196,940,000

Is the earths radius and surface area increasing?


What is Pluto's area?

Surface area is 16650000 km2 or about 0.033 Earths

Where is most of earths landmass?

Most of Earth's landmass is located in the Northern Hemisphere, primarily in Asia. Asia covers a large area and is home to countries such as Russia, China, India, and many more.

How does the area of Earths surface covered by the oceans compare with the area of the continents?

One third is surface and the rest is the sea.

What is a large landmass that is part of the earths crust?


Lowest area on the earths surface?

The Dead Sea in Jordan.

What is the Mountain definition?

The definition of mountain is a landmass that projects conspicuously above its surroundings and is higher than a hill. Another definition is the highest point on earths surface

What is the name of Earths' early continent when it was one landmass?


Area where the water table meets earths surface and flows out?


What is an area below earths surface that is completely saturated with water?

An aquifer.