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Q: What is the symbol for parenthesis?
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What is the symbol above 9 called?

Assuming you're talking about the ( symbol... That's a bracket, or parenthesis.

Why does c automatically turn into copyright symbol?

A c in parenthesis generally autocorrects to the copyright symbol. This can be stopped in the "Options" menu.

What does Cr stand for?

Cr is the symbol for chromium, BUT when in parenthesis and the first letter is lowercase, it means "Crystalline"

What are the names of the keyboard symbol?

well, there is a number symbol, money symbol, percent symbol, and symbol, star symbol and these are just some of them...

What is the keyboard method for inserting copyrights and trademarks in your Word documents?

For the Copyright symbol, you could either hold down "Alt_Ctrl_c" at the same time or, as mentioned above, type "open parenthesis_c_close parenthesis" or (c), then that will automatically create a © symbol. Similarly for the Trade Mark symbol, you could either hold down "Alt_Ctrl_t" at the same time or type "open parenthesis_t_m_close parenthesis" or (tm), then that will automatically create a ™ symbol.

What is the rules of PEMDAS?

The rules of PEMDAS are 1. Parenthesis anything in them you do first. 2. Exponents those little numbers next to the number telling you to multiply the number by itself a certain number of times 3. Multiplication and Division whichever comes first and 4. Addition and Subtraction whichever comes first. If there is an exponent next to parenthesis but there is no number that means the answer to the parenthesis has to be the thing that the exponent is next to. All of the rules apply inside of the parenthesis as well. If there is a number next to the parenthesis not followed by a symbol multiply the answer to the parenthesis by that number.

How can you shorten electron configurations to concentrate on the valence electrons?

Writing at the beginning the adequate symbol of an noble gas, in square parenthesis.

Simplify parenthesis 4n5y2 parenthesis times parenthesis -6n2y5 parenthesis?


How do you do the square root of the volume divided by the height times pi?

plug it into a calculator - (square root symbol, insert value of volume, end parenthesis)/(height value, pi symbol)

What are three ways to indicate multiplication in a mathematical expression?

You can use the common X multiplication symbol, a dot, or use parenthesis with a coefficient next to them.

Which symbol indicates that the enclosed members are a set?

Parenthesis indicate that the enclosed members are a set. The brackets indicate that what enclosed Êinside of itÊis an option.

What are the steps in parenthesis in the order of operations?

the question in the parenthesis comes first you do the question in the parenthesis then go back and do the other half thats not in parenthesis