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Q: What is the take off for a 22.5 elbow?
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What is the take off for a 26 inch 90 degree elbow?


What is the take off formula off 45 degree elbow pipe?

The take off formula of a 45 degree elbow pipe, will depend on what the pipe is on. Sometimes a 45 degree pipe will need a 90 degree right angle turn to come off.

What is the take off of a 90 degree elbow with 1 inch diameter?

2 inches

What is the take off measurement for 6 Victaulic 22.5 degree elbow fitting?

1-13/16"= The tangent of half the degree X the radius of the elbow.

What is the difference between long radius and short radius elbow?

In the area of industrial pipe fittings: Long radius 90 deg elbow has a take off dimension of one and one half times the nominal diameter of the pipe. Ex-4 inch pipe has an actual diameter of 4.5, for the elbow the take off dimension would be 4"*1.5=6". The short radius elbow take off dimension is the same as the nominal size, 4". To add to the point, a short radius elbow can be used typically where space is a constraint. Hence fluid flow is also restricted in this case unlike in case using of Long Elbow.

What is the take off for a half inch screwed 90 degree elbow?

1/2 inch

How do you get the take off 90 degree elbow pipe?

Measure to the center of the Ell and decuct for the threads ..

Do you have to take off the manifold to get to the thermostat on 93 camaro?

nope, just take off your intake elbow(rubber piece ) and its right on the top of the water pump

Where is the thermostat located on a 1991 Oldsmobile regency 98?

follow the top radiator hose to the intake manifold... there will be an elbow its connected to. take off the elbow and under it will be your thermostat.

What is the take off measurement of 45 degree elbow 18 inches pipe?

11 1/4

What is 30 percent off 225?

225 - 30% = 225 x (1 - (30/100)) = 157.5

Why is my 1997 Firebird leaking coolant from above the water pump and below the thermostat housing?

I just got threw with the same problem. There is a heater bypass plastic elbow there. It must be replaced the problem is its a lot of work we had to remove intake manifold. Hope this helps. Actually it is easy just remove belt from alternator take off alternator 3 bolts, then take off the two hoses they are located under the alternator then take that part off 2 bolts if plastic elbow are cracked $3 part replace there are 2 elbows get the red sealer and lubercate around elbows both ends and replace. the top elbow put it in the motor first then bottom elbow put it in the other piece, before you shove it into the other elbow place the bottom elbow in position that's it