What is the term 'semite'?

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I'm confused by the question.

Anti-Semitism is the common term for Hate Speech and Hate Crimes targetted against The Jewish Community.

In recent years, other faith communities with Middle East origins have claimed "Semites" are all people from The Middle East, of which Jewish People did originate. However, the term (according to other Middle Eastern people groups) is not limited to just The Jewish Community.

The term "Anti-Semitism", however, is still generally used to refer to hating (whether speaking, acts of violence, misrepresentation of Jewish history, "racist" rules forbidding Jews to join clubs and the like, and so forth...) Jews and Judaism. In recent years, some Rabbis have used the term "Jew Hate" instead of using the term Anti-Semitism.

Ultimately, the core issue is not which term is best used, but the issue being termed. What is the issue at hand? Its the serious issue of Hate against Jewish People, or hateful remarks or actions against done towards- or aimed at- The Jewish Community.

Its on the rise, and many Synagogues now staff Security Guards to monitor building entry. Jewish private schools in Toronto have recently been targetted by "anti-Semities" who purposed to cause harm, fear and danger to Jewish school children.

Several years ago a Kosher supermarket in France was the scene of an anti-semitic hate crime Terrorist attack.

Synagogues in several American cities have recently been targetted by Jew Haters. Shootings- causing death- was the haters action towards innocent people. They were targetted simply because they were Jewish.

Some members of The Jewish Community has suggested the term "Jewaphobia" be used .

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Q: What is the term 'semite'?
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