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A matrix element.

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Q: What is the term for a specific number within a matrix?
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What displays information in rows and columns in science?

The general term is a matrix. But you may be asking about a specific set of information, such as the periodic table?

Each number within a sequence?


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Population growth is the term used to describe a constant increase in the number of individuals within a population over a specific period of time.

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There is no specific term for living material within a cell that is confined to the nucleus. The nucleus does, however contain the DNA that is the blueprint for all protein production in the cell.

Define an indempotent matrix?

The phrase "idempotent matrix" is an algebraic term. It is defined as a matrix that equals itself when multiplied by itself.

What is meant by the word eigenvalue?

The term "eigenvalue" refers to a noun which means each set of values of parameter for which differential equation has a nonzero solution. It can also refers to any number such that given matrix subtracted by the same number and multiply to the identity matrix has a zero determinant.

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An organelle is a subunit within a cell with a specific, special function. Another term for organelle is the Latin term, organella.

What math term is a list of numbers in specific order?

They are a sequence of numbers and each sequence has a term number.

What is term for square matrix with zero determinant?


What is the other term for adjoint matrixmathematics?

adjugatee matrix

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