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"Prejudice" is one.

2010-05-19 18:59:35
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Q: What is the term for an irrational generalization about a category of people?
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What is the term for a rigid and irrational generalization about an entire category of people?

This is called a stereotype

What term refers to an intense or irrational fear of a situation or object?

An irrational fear is a phobia.

What is the slang term chiznuckles?

It means something is crazy or irrational or that someone is crazy or irrational!

What is the correct sociological term for all people with a common status such as college students?


What term describes all people who share similar characteristics but little else?

a category

What numbers can be irrational?

pi, in the mathematical term.

What is the plural term of category?

It is categories

What term refers to an intense or irrational fear of a situation or object even if he or she cannot afford them?

An intense or irrational fear is called a phobia.

What is the next irrational number after 2?

Irrational numbers are infinitely dense. this means that there are infinitely many irrational numbers between any two numbers and so the term "next" has no meaning.

What term describes the way Tom responded to other furry animals in the same way he did to dogs?


Is there a clinical term for the irrational fear of bugs?

Acarophobia or Entomophobia or Insectophobia.

Is cataphobia fear of cats?

Ailurophobia is the term for an irrational fear of cats .

What are examples of generalization?

All parents are mean and unfair.While some kids might call their parents mean and unfair, other kids might say that their parents are fun, nice, fair, etc.School is fun and easy.This is also a generalization because for some people school is boring and hard.A generalization is when a judgment or statement is made about an entire group of people.What are the choices? Usually a generalization has the word all or every.Example: All dogs hate cats(edit : all of these given are actually stereotypes, generalizations will normally use the term often and do not apply to all members of a group)

What is the term for connecting one computer to another?

The term is listed in the category. It is called Networking.

What category of organic molecules does the term -saccharide refer to?

The category of organic molecules that the term -saccharide refers to is carbohydrate. A carbohydrate is one of the macromolecules found in the body.

What is the medical term meaning fear of the unknown?

There is no particular term for a regular fear of the unknown, but an irrational fear (phobia) of the unknown is xenophobia.

What is the term for an experience or object that triggers an irrational fear in someone?

The irrational fear is called a phobia; the experience or object that triggers a phobia could be called a phobic experience or object.

If a number is a whole number then it cannot be?

By definition it cannot be ...A decimal numberAn irrational numberA non-counting numberAn imaginary number (not a joke, this is actually a mathematic term!).

What category of classification is used for the first term in a scientific name?

the genus

What special term do you use for the category of the animals having no bones?


How are molds categorized?

There is no category, it is a term for a number of fungi that have a moldy appearance

Are all numbers rational?

no if yes, then why is there a term 'irrational numbers'? examples of irrational numbers include: sqrt(2), sqrt(3), sqrt (5), pi, e, 0.10100100010000010000001... etc.

If the name of fear people have for gay people is homophobia what is the name of fear gay people have for homophobics?

There is no name. Although homophobia seems more a hatred than a fear, gay people are rightly apprehensive of irrational hostility from alcohol fuelled thugs. Take care and be careful where you go. There is no term as of right now, because no one has made a word for them yet. Usually the idea of ignorant and irrational fear/hatred is a label homosexuals put on "homophobes". "Homophobes" will tend to condemn homosexuality as sin rather than accuse irrational fear.

What does the graying of population refer to?

This term of "graying" refers to the aging population in a society. Normally, at least in western European countries, the USA, Canada and Australia, "graying" is generally used for people moving in age past 65. This is a generalization.

Is the square root of 2 rational?

No, it is not. It is an irrational number we often use the term "radical two" to name.