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119, 120, 121

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Q: What is the three consecutive integers whose sum is 360?
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If the sum of three consecutive even integers is 360 what are the integers?

The average must be 360/3 ie 120 so the integers are 118, 120 and 122.

What are four consecutive odd integers whose sum equal to 360?

Well, an easy way to figure this out is divide 360 by 4 to get 90, then subtract 3 from 90 to get 87, then subtract 1 from 90 to get 89, then add 1 to 90 to get 91, then add 3 to 90 to get 93. So, the consecutive odd integers that add up to 360 are: 87, 89, 91, and 93, and to check, 87+89+91+93=360. :)

Find two consecutive even numbers whose sum is 38 and whose product is 360?

The numbers are 18 and 20.

If five consecutive numbers have a sum of 360 what is the value of the greatest integer?

The value of the greatest integer is 76. This occurs when the set of five consecutive integers is all even numbers.

Is 360 a squared number?

Try it! Find the square of some integers, until you either (a) find one that gives exactly 360 when squared, or (b) find two consecutive integers, one of which is smaller, the other larger, than 360. You can also take your calculator and find the square root of 360. If it is an integer (no decimals), that means it is a square number.

5 consecutive even numbers whose sum is 1780?

The numbers are 352, 354, 356, 358 and 360.

What are three consecutive multiples of 15 such that twice their sum is 360?

45, 60, and 75

Find three consecutive multiples of 15 such that twice their sum is 360?

45, 60, and 75

What is the LCM of 18 and 20 using the result also find gcf?

It's easier to do it the other way. The GCF of consecutive even integers is 2. The product of 18 and 20 is 360. 360 divided by 2 is 180, the LCM.

How are integers used in skateboarding?

integers are used in skateboarding by using positive integers like 180 360 540 720 and 900

Is 360 a rational or irrational number?

Rational. 360 is an integer, and all integers are rational.

Find 4 consecutive numbers that have a product of 360?

(6)(5)(4)(3) = 360

One of a pair of consecutive angles whose common side is a base of the trapezoid?

The 4 interior angles of a trapezoid add up to 360 degrees and if it's an isosceles trapezoid then base angles will be equal

What is the rational number for 360?

Integers are a subset of rationals, so 360 is a rational. If you must express it as a ratio, the simplest is 360/1.

What are the numbers whose LCM is 360 and gcf is 3?

3 and 360

Why do you measure 360 degrees?

360 was selected because it is divisible by most of the small integers. The fact that 360 approximates 365 days in a year may have contributed.

What are 2 numbers whose LCM is 360 and gcf is 3?

3 and 360

Whose slogan is play more?

Xbox 360

The sum of the angles of any four-sided polygon is 360 if the measures the angles of a four-sided polygon are four consecutive odd integers find the measures of each angle?

(2n + 1) + (2n + 3) + (2n + 5) + (2n + 7) = 360 8n + 16 = 360 8n = 344 n = 43 So, the angles are 87, 89, 91, and 93 degrees.

What is the rule when you are adding integers with the same sign?

integer multiply integer divide 360

What is the gcm for 180 and 360?

The greatest common multiple of any set of integers is infinite.

What are four consecutive numbers that add up to 360?

No four consecutive whole numbers have a sum of 360. 88 + 89 + 90 + 91 = 358 . . . too small 89 + 90 + 91 + 92 = 362 . . . too big

Whose grapjics are better xbox 360 or PS3?


A polygon whose angle measurement add up to 360 degrees?

what polygon has angle measures that add up to 360

What driver holds the record for consecutive starts in the Nascar Nationwide Series with 360?

The record is held by Tommy Houston. He started the first 360 races in the divisions history.