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Q: What is the top part of a battlement?
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What is a battlement or what does it mean?

A battlement is a wall that has openings like vertical slots at the top for archers to shoot through.

What is is a battlement?

A battlement is an open space that soldiers can shoot enemies from easily. it is also usually in castles.

What word has 3 t's?


Why was Andromache in the battlements?

why was andromache on the battlement

What was the ghostly hangout in Hamlet?


What is a merlon?

A solid portion between two crenels in a battlement or crenelated wall. An open space or notch between two merlons in a battlement or crenelated wall.

What is a medieval battlement?

it is when 2 people battle and ment

What is an Architectural Feature on a Castle that Starts with the Word Bat?

A battlement.

What is the synonym for a turret?

Some synonyms for turret are tower, battlement, or steeple.

Can you give me the word battlement in a sentence?

The archers ran along the battlements of the castle.

What is a barmkin?

A barmkin is a battlement on an exterior fortification of a castle in northern England and parts of Scotland.

What are the top of the castle walls called?

A ParapetThe battlement can be used in general reference to a location possibly during a battle or siege. Another more elegant and synonymous name describing a sawtooth shaped parapet is crenelation. The crenelation is made up of merlons(the high part protecting shooters) and crenels (the low part exposing shooters)A crenelation is usually found protecting an allure (wall walk) on the outer wall.