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The total is 6 holes.

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Q: What is the total 3 holes and 1 over 4 plus 2 hole and 3 over 4?
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How many holes are in a Recorder?

there are 7 holes in a recorder, plus a thumb hole on the back, which makes 8

What does three holes and two thirds plus one hole and one fourth equal?

this is the same as 3 holes and 8 twelfths plus 1 hole and 3 twelfths = 4 and 11 twelfths

What type of tool is needed to cut a square hole in a hard wood floor to tile?

Saber saw ... plus a drill for a starter hole (or 4 corner holes).

What is four over three plus four over three?

the answer is 2.2 2 holes and 2 leftovers

Why do wolves dig?

dig,dig dig they'll sqeezeinto the hole plus they dig holes because they need to hatch a baby

What hole does a plus handicap give up a stroke?

They give up strokes on the easiest holes, that is, the hole ranked the highest i.e 18, then 17, then 16 on the handicap or stroke index.

How many holes are on a classic cribbage board?

The regular long version of cribbage is played to 121 points. Now if you want to count the actual numbers of holes there are 240 total holes in the two tracks, plus the "game hole" 241, and there are 12 holes ( two rows of six each) at the bottom of the board, for a total of 253. These two rows are used when the players play a match made up of multiple games, with the first player who reaches 6 points winning the match.

What does the word total mean in math?

the hole of your sum,product,or answer ex: 2 +2= 4 your total of 2 plus 2 is 4

What are golf scores?

'Score' in golf is simply the total number of strokes it takes to complete the entire course. Individual hole scores are measured against the hole's stated par. For example, making a 4 on a hole designated a par 3 would give you a hole score of +1. At the end of a round, simply add up all your strokes on all the holes to get your score. Most courses are rated par 72, meaning that the par designations of all the holes total 72. This number will be printed on your scorecard. If I shoot an 80 on a par 72 course, I finished eight over par (+8). If I shoot a 69, I finished three under par (-3). It's the plus and minus numbers you typically see on a golf leaderboard.

How many finger holes does a descant recorder have?

Most soprano recorders have 7 tone holes plus the thumb hole, but I have a Russian made instrument with only six tone holes. It's in German fingering and is played like a "D" penny whistle except it has the convenience of the thumb hole to facilitate transition between the registers and to make the high notes easier to play.

What is 2 and 1 over 4 plus 15 and 3 over 4?

That's a total of 18.

What is 2 over 3 plus somthing to gett t 1 hole?

2/3 + 1/3 = 1

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