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Q: What is the total points of 2 five-pointed stars?
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How many total points can be scored in the game of volleyball?

25 points witha total of 2 points advantage

How can a football team score only eleven points in a game?

A touchdown=6 points A 2 point conversion=2 points A field goal=3 points for a total of 11 points

How do you complete super Mario galaxy 2?

First get 120 stars and then the 120 green stars, for a total of 240 stars

Total points in a volley ball game?

the winner goes to 25 but you have to win by 2 points

How many total points can thre be scored in the game volleyball?

25 points is a normal game, but you have to win by 2 points. :)

How many Weight Watchers points in a twix bar?

The carmel Twix with 2 bars at a total of 2 oz is 7 points.

What is the lowest points total by a English club in the champions league?

Manchester City 2012. 2 Points.

What is the lowest points total by a british club in the champions league?

Rangers 2 points (2009/10)

How many stars in super mario galaxy 2?

There are 242 in total: 120 Power Stars and Grand Stars, 120 Green Stars, and two in the final level.

If a test had 38 problems worth as total of 100 points and each problem is worth 5 and 2 points how many 5points and 2 point problems are there?

There would be (8) 5 point questions and (30) 2 point questions for a total of 38 questions and 100 points.

How many points for a try in rugby union?

Five (5) points. And 2 for a conversion coming to a possible total of 7.

How do you score a word that crosses two double word squares?

total score = (total word points x 2) x 2.

Information on ursa major?

The last 2 stars in the cup portion points up to the North Star of Polaris

What is the Davis rating scale?

It's to rate wines here are a few ratings on the 20 point system clarity 2 points color 2 points bouquet 4 points total acidity 1 point sweetness 1 point body/texture 2 points flavor/taste 2 points acescensy/bitterness 2 points astringency 1 point overall quality 4 points

How much a touchdown a safety 2 field goals worth?

A total of 15 Points!

How many times did the death star blow up?

There were 2 Death Stars, so there were 2 explosions total

What is the total value of all the tiles in a game of Scrabble?

The total letter tile points for each letter is derived by multiplying the number of letter tiles by its assigned points. Overall total is one hundred eighty seven (187) - plain - in a standard scrabble. Below is the breakdown of the alphabet letter (no of pieces) and points:A (9)=1 point, B (2)=3 points, C (2)=3 points, D (4)=2 points, E (12)=1 point, F (2)=4 points, G (3)=2 points, H (2)=4 points, I (9)=1 point, J (1)=8 points, K (1)=5 points, L (4)=1 point, M (2)=3 points, N (6)=1 point, O (8)=1 point, P (2)=3 points, Q (1)=10 points, R (6)=1 point, S (4)=1 point, T (6)=1 point, U (4)=1 point, V (2)=4 points, W (2)=4 points, X (1)=8 points, Y (2)=4 points, Z (1)=10 points, Blank (2)=0 point.The sum of all the tile's points is 187.187

How many points are scored per basket for basketball?

not sure about college basketball, but the NBA it is 2 points per basket. if the shooter is fouled whilst making the shot he will then have the chance to make a free throw. if the ball goes in the basket then he takes 1 free-throw to make a total of 3 points. if the ball misses the basket then he takes 2 free-throws to make a total of 2 points.

How do you get points in wrestling?

takedown- 2 points nearfall- 2 points nearfall- 3 points tap- 6 points reversal- 2 points pin = win

How many points is zigzag in scrabble?

Z=10 points, I=1 point, G=2 points, blank (substitute for Z)=0, A=1 point, G=2 points. By adding the assigned value of each tiles, the total score is sixteen (16) points when spread on non-premium square.

How many points apiece for a 51 question test?

if one of the questions is a bonus it is 2 points each

Highest points score one shot in billiards?

10 points being 2 points for hitting both your opponents and the red ball (a cannon) a further 2 points for then potting your opponents ball, potting the red gives you an additional 3 and a further 3 points for then going 'in-off' that red giving 10 in total

What prise do you get when you play fantage 2 weeks in a row?

If you play for one week, but playing it without missing any days, you get 350 stars. If you play for 2 weeks without missing any days you get another 350 stars. So total you get 700 stars.

How many points are needed to get in semi final in ipl?

The top 4 get into qualification rounds.1) The minimum number of points that can help to qualify based on other teams' performances is 16:There are 9 teams contesting this year (2012). League matches are of double round robin format. So, total number of matches before qualifying rounds = 2 * 9c2 = 72.Total number of points = 2 * 72 = 144 (as each match is awarded 2 points in total)The least no. of points happens in the situation when all teams score equal points and the top 4 with better run rates qualify:This equals arithmetic mean = total points / 9 = 144 /9 = 16i.e. Teams that score under 16 certainly do not qualify for top 4 spot, although converse need not be true2) The minimum number of points that can certainly qualify a team is 25 (or 24 with better run rate):Proof: Mathematically, this is the arithmetic mean of the maximum points that top 5 teams can score.This can be evaluated by calculating total maximum points that top 5 can score against bottom 4 PLUS total they can score against each other.. and then dividing the total equally between the 5.Max total score against bottom 4= 2 * matches against bottom 4 (home & away)= 2 * (5 * 4 * 2)= 80Max score between themselves (the top 5)= 2 * matches between themselves (home & away)= 2 * 5c2 * 2= 40Total = 80 + 40 = 120 points(Alternately, this can also be arrived at by the shortcut:Overall total points - least possible points that can be scored by bottom 4= 144 - 2 * (4c2 * 2)= 120)Hence the arithmetic mean = 120 / 5= 24This mean means that no team with atleast 24 points will stand 5th (excluding the run rates)Thus, any team that scores 25 points (or 24 with better run rate) certainly qualifies for the top 4 spot, although converse need not be true.

How many weightwatchers points in a 2 12 inch Snickers bar?

1056 Calories 44g Total Fat 6g Fiber It's off the chart!! 12 points