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I take it you mean the surface of the cuboid of those dimensions.

A quick sketch on paper, as you can't create it in a simple text editor, helps in cases like this.

Taking the 2 x 2 faces first, their total area = 2 x (2 x 2) = 8 cm^2

Now the 2 x 1 faces: 4 x ( 2 X 1) = 8cm^2.

So total surface area of the cuboid = 8 + 8 = 16 square centimetres.

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Q: What is the total surface area of 1Cm x 2Cm x 2Cm?
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What is the total surface area of 1cm by 1cm by 2cm and what is the volume?

If you assume that the shape is a cuboid, its area is 10 cm2 and its volume is 2 cm3

Which has a greater surface area a cube that is 2cm times 2cm on a side or eight cubes that are each 1cm times 1cm on a side?

Eight little cubes.

What fraction of 1cm is 2cm?

fraction: 2cm/1cm = 2/1

What is area of 4 squares each 1cm by 1cm?

Each square has an area of 1 cm square, for 4 squares altogether area is 4 cm square. Or we can say we have a big square 2cm by 2cm, whose area is 4 cm square.

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What is the area of a cuboid 4cm by 2cm?

A cuboid is a 3 dimensional object and 3 measures are required for the total surface area of a cuboid.

What is the total volume of 1Cm x 2Cm x 2Cm?

If the shape is a cuboid, then the volume is 4 cubic centimetres.

What shape of an area of 6cm2?

Any shape you want as long as the area within its boundary is 6cm2.examples:a triangle of base 6 cm and height 2 cm;a rectangle 2cm by 3 cm;an L shaped hexagon with sides 5cm, 2cm, 1cm, 1cm, 4cm, 1cm;circle of radius approx 1.382 cm;

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What is the surface area of a 2cm x 2cm x 2cm cube?

A cube has six square faces. This cubes faces are 2 x 2 ie 4cm2 so overall surface area is 24 cm2.

The volume of a cube is 8 cm3 What is the surface area of this cube?

Volume = 8 cm3 so each side = 2 cm So area of one face = 2cm * 2cm = 4 cm2 So total surface area (6 faces) = 6*4 cm2 = 24 cm2