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Q: What is the tough exterior of the hair?
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Why did opponents fear Andrew Jackson?

Because he had a tough exterior

What color hair makes a guy look tough?

You crack me up! You want to look tough from that? It's not about your hair! *Rolls eyes*

Were hiding behind skin that's too tough a implied metaphor?

Yes, the phrase "hiding behind skin that's too tough" implies that someone is using an exterior facade or tough exterior to conceal their vulnerability or true emotions. This metaphor suggests that the individual is protecting themselves by not showing their true feelings or vulnerabilities.

How do youugh is Nigerian hair?

not as tough as lil Wayne

Can bacteria have a tough wall?

Yes. Bacteria have tough exterior walls made of peptidoglycan, aweb-like molecule complex made of carbohydrate strands cross-linkedby short peptide bridges.

What is the name for the tough waterproof found in skin hair and nails?


Why would your hair harden if you put gel in it?

Because the gel hardens and dries out, leaving tough patches in your hair.

What is the name for the tough, waterproof protein found in skin, hair, and nails?


What is a tough structural protein that gives strength to nails hair and skin?


Do you batter bratworst to deep fry?

Yes, you can if you want to. If you don't batter the bratwurst, the exterior after frying may be too tough, so something to consider.

What is a hair cut that has stacked area around the exterior and is cut at low to medium elevations?

Dorthy Hamill

What are the properties of fingernails?

Fingernails (and hair and horns) are made of keratin, a tough insoluble protein.