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Q: What is the transformation called when you flip a figure in a mirror line?
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What does a flip in math?

You do a flip in geometrey when you do transformations. Flip is a transformation in which a plane figure is flipped or reflected across a line, creating a mirror image of the original figure.

What is a mathematical reflection?

It is a transformation representing a flip of a figure or drawing

How are symmetry and a flip transformation alike?

They are alike because when you flip a figure you flip it on the line of symmetry am i right i am in 5th grade i was looking for the answer not answering.


mirror or flip

Give an example of reflection?

Geometry reflection: a flip of a figure over a specific point or line Real life situation: mirror or reflecting pool.

To flip a figure over a line?

To flip a figure over a line is a reflection.

What are the two kinds of question transformation?

You have the math term of a transformation like a slide,flip,and turn or you have the other transformation as a duplicit of your self.

Why does 3.14 called the pi?

Because when you mirror the numbers and flip the backwards it spells PI.E 3.14 E.IP PI.E

What does transformations mean in maths?

A transformation is when a figure moves across the x or y axis on a grid.

What is the moving of a figure by a translation rotation or reflection?

translation:is just a slide to a directionrotation:is just rotation going by degrees 90,180,270,360reflection:its like when you look in the mirror it is just a flip

What is a figure formed by a transformation?

A transformation can be several changes.A translation is a slide without changing the figure.A rotation is a turn around a point that doesn't change the figure.A dilation is a change in size either larger or smaller.A reflection is a flip over a line that doesn't change the size.

Why is Africa called the mirror continent?

because if you rotate and flip africa a certain way along the equator, then the vegetation regions are the same (see vegetation map)