What is a mathematical reflection?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is a transformation representing a flip of a figure or drawing

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Q: What is a mathematical reflection?
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What is the difference between a mathematical translation and a mathematical reflection?


What does reflection mean in mathematical terms?

a reflection i if you flip a figure on its oppsite side almost like if you wright a word Hi than you flip it so its iH so its back wards

What mathematical terms mean opposite from?

The answer, which depends on the context could beadditive inverse,multiplicative inverse or reciprocal,reflection in the origin.

A new figure made after a transformation is called?

In mathematical terms, the figure that is made after a transformation is what is known as an image. Prior to the chance, the figure is called the pre-image. Changing into an image can take place after four types of mathematical transformations: translation, reflection, rotation and dilation.

What is a reflection of a reflection?

A reflection.

What is diffusing reflection?

When the rays of light do not follow the laws of reflection, then this type of reflection is called diffused reflection.

What is a reflection in the mirror called?

A reflection

What did isaac newton contribute to science?

He Invented The 3 Laws Of Motion.ANSWER2:The idea of Universal Gravitation, The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy< Reflection Telescopes and the Theory of Light.his life to revel the facts of science

What kind of reflection has a smooth surface?

A reflection does not have any surface.A reflection does not have any surface.A reflection does not have any surface.A reflection does not have any surface.

Reflection of front body?

A reflection of the front body is known as per-formative self reflection.

What is regular reflection and drfusal reflection?

There is no such thing as a " drfusal reflection".

Reflection of artery?

Reflection of artery is known as a wave reflection.