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the trend is whether it starts from the bottom and goes up(positive) or whether it starts from the top and goes down (negative)

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Q: What is the trend on a calibration graph?
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What if a graph doesn't have a trend?

A graph need not have a trend: it is no big deal.

What does a trend show on a graph?

A trend on a graph shows the rising and falling of a subject's popularity. For example, a graph can show a trend in the type of clothing that are being sold or food.

What graph shows a trend over time?

A line graph shows a trend over time.

What is another name for a line graph?

Trend Graph

Is a line graph the same as a trend graph?

No. Generally speaking, a trend graph has time on the horizontal axis. That is not always the case with line graphs.

What does a graph give you a picture of?

A trend

Which type of line represents a trend in the data on a graph?

trend line

How is a line graph similar to a bar graph?

they're similar because the both of them trend and trend means to increase or decrease

What is the downward trend on a graph?

The downward tend on a graph is called "decay".

What is a line graph trend?

trend is the increasing or decreasing in a line graph Example. If u choose to see number of students in a school and they are getting bigger its trend is increasing

What does a graph with no trend show about the variables?

that they will not be correct

What is an increase or decrease on a line graph?


What trends does the set of graph show?

A trend is how high or low the graph shows

What does trend in math terms mean?

One example of a 'Trend' would be; In a Graph if there is a point in the graph where you start to see a pattern, its sort of like a trend. But usually you have to explain it, you would have to understand all of the data to know what the actual trend is.

What is a trend on a graph?

It is the description of a slope of a line which connects from many points you mark to show a way that your graph data may increase or decrease. If it is decreasing, you have a downwards trend. If it is increasing, you have an upwards trend.

What is a pattern in a graph?

When a graph shows a trend that is noticeable. Such as a line or a curve in a certain shape.

What is a scientific trend?

What is occurring in let's say a graph.

What is the increase or decrease on a line graph called?


What is an increase or decrease in a line graph called?


What is increase or decrease on a line graph called?


What is an increase or decrease on a line graph called?

The answer is trend

What is a trend on a linegraph?

A trend is usually an upward or downward trend. If the line is highest nearest the vertical axis(the lefthand side of the graph) and slopes downwards, this is a downward trend.

What is trend line?

the line that connects the trends of data on a graph

What does a trend graph look like?

You can fin out what a trend graph looks like on it is a website about maths and things like graphs in videos so you can be shown how to draw one.

What does trend mean you math terms?

A trend is a math term. It is on a line graph. It is a slope between two variables.