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15 and 16.

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Q: What is the two consecutive integer for 31?
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What is the sum of three consecutive odd integer is negative 31?

There is no set of three consecutive odd or even integers whose sum is negative 31.

Find three consecutive integer that have a sum of 96?

31+32+33 = 96

Two consecutive nos with a product of 992?

Let the consecutive numbers be n and n+1, then n (n + 1) = 992 : n2 + n = 992 : n2 + n - 992 = 0 This equation factors : (n + 32)(n - 31) = 0 The only positive integer solution is when n - 31 = 0, then n = 31 so n + 1 = 32 The two consecutive numbers are 31 and 32.

What is the consecutive integer for 1.2?

1.2 is itself not an integer, so no integer is consecutive with it.

What two consecutive integers does 138 lie between?

138 is, itself, an integer. It is impossible for any integer to lie between two consecutive integers.

What are the next two consecutive odd integers if n is an odd integer?

If n is an odd integer then the next two consecutive odd integers are n+2 and n+4.

What are two consecutive integers is 200 between?

"Consecutive" integers are integers that have no other integer between them.

Two consecutive odd integers have a sum of 36 what is the smaller integer?

The smaller integer is 17.

What is consecutive integer?

consecutive integers

If the sum of two consecutive integers is 13 find the smaller integer?

6+7=13 and 6 and 7 are consecutive. 6 is the smaller integer so answer is 6

Two consecutive odd integers whose sum is 36?

17 (odd integer) + 19 (odd integer) = 36 17 and 19 are consecutive odd integers.

The sum of two consecutive even integers is 58 what is the integer?