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Transit and non-transit theodolite.

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Q: What is the type of theodolite?
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Who is the father of Theodolite?

Father of Theodolite

Advantages and disadvantages of theodolite?

advantage and disadvantage of theodolite

How do you spell theodolite light?

Theodolite light is the correct spelling

How do you set out a building using a theodolite?

A theodolite measures angles and axis needed for site surveying. The horizontal and vertical angles are measured using a theodolite. A theodolite is actually a mounted telescope used in building.

What is the list count of theodolite?

least count of theodolite is 1 second

Least count of theodolite?

5 mm is the least count of theodolite.

What is principle of theodolite survey?

principle of theodolite is based on the principle of trigonometry.

What is a digital theodolite?

A theodolite that shows a digital rather than analogue display.

What type of instrument is a Theodolite?

A theodolite is a precision measuring instrument used to measure angles in the horizontal or vertical plane. The instrument is mounted on a tripod and should be very precisely placed in order to make correct measurements.

What is tacheometric surveying?

the special type of theodolite used to measure horizontal and vertical distance and horizontal angle.

What is the function of a theodolite?

theodolite are use in construction calculate the angle and horizantal distance and for fixed the point

How you change the face for taking angle in theodolite?

A theodolite is an instrument that is used in archaeoastronomy. To change the face for taking angle measurements when using a theodolite you must turn the telescope by 180 degrees.

How do you operate theodolite?

To operate a Theodolite, first drive a surveyor's nail into the ground where Theodolite will be set up. Second, set up tripod legs and gently place the instrument on the mounting plate then screw in the mounting knob beneath the instrument. Finally, adjust the vertical plummet of the Theodolite.

How to check tower verticality by using theodolite?

To check a tower vertically by using a theodolite, you must first check for collimation and check the vertical axis of the theodolite. If all is okay, then set up your theodolite a bit away from the tower and clamp the horizontal plate, then check the tower zenith transit.

What is theodolite and parts of theodolite?

theodolite is a surveying instrument.It is is used for measure the horizontal & vertical angles of theodolite trivet,upper plate lower plate,plomb bob,telescope,vernierscale,leveling screw,tribrach,etc.,

What does a theodolite measure?


What unit does a theodolite measure?

A theodolite is used to measure angles of a plane. This can be both vertical or horizontal, and it is used with high precision.

What is the difference between theodolite and tachometer?

A theodolite is a survey instrument. A tachometer tells you how many Revs per minute an engine is turning.

How do you operate digital theodolite machine?

A theodolite machine is a tool used by land surveyers to measure verticle and horizontal angles. A digital theodolite machine is one with a digital display. You may fine video instruction on how to operate this machine on youtube.

Can a theodolite measure angles?


Are theodolite and inclinometer same?

No. An inclinometer only measures vertical angle with respect to gravity. A theodolite adds measurement of horizontal angle to that measurement.

What is the difference between a theodolite and a dumpy level?

In dumpy level we can check only horizontal angles whereas in theodolite we can check vertical angles also.

What is the least count of a theodolite?

20 degree

What are the differences between a theodolite and a tacheometre?

when theodolite is fixed with analytic lens then it is called tachometer, without the analytic lens the instrument would be called as constant zero.

What is the purpose of theodolite survey?

to outline the location of an area