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Q: What is the unit of measurement that would be most helpful to the measurement of the Mass of a cat?
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What unit of measurement would be most appropriate to measure the mass of a picnic table?


What is the most appropriate metric unit measurement for the mass of a small poodle?

It would be grams. :D

Which is most precise measurement for the mass of a highlighter?

Its 12.000

Would you use volume weight length density or mass to measure how long a football field is?

Length would be the most appropriate unit of measurement

Which unit of measurement would be most appropriate for measuring the mass of an orange?

grams most oranges weigh between 200 and 800 grams

Which unit of measurement is most useful for a baseball's weight?

grams (for its mass).

Which Unit of measure would you use to weigh a french fry?

Most likely, if you are American, use ounces. Grams is also a great measurement for the mass of the french fry.

What is the measurement of a Homestead area?

A homestead area can be measured in many ways. The most common measurement would be in size, either in square miles or acreage. After that, population measurement would be the next most favored approach.

When would a storyboard be most helpful?

The art class is creating a Photo Story of Pablo Picasso's cubism to share with students at another school. When would a storyboard be most helpful?

In which measurement situations would the most appropriate unit of measurement be feet?

None. Feet are an outdated unit of measurement and so could never be the most appropriate.

What measurement is the most accurate for a pellet with a mass of 3.25 grams 3 grams 3.20 grams 3.27 grams or 3.50?

3.27 grams is closest to 3.25 grams, and is therefore the most accurate measurement.

The default unit of length for kerning and tracking is the?

Most likely the metric system of measurement is used. I would assume millimetres would be the most likely measurement between letters.

Which unit would be used to measure the length of a gym?

Any unit can be used, but the most practical would be yards (for standard measurement) or meters (for metric measurement).

Where is the most helpful Car Repair Do It Yourself Help?

A factory shop manual would be the most helpful, depending what year it is it can be purchased from the dealer.

Would an apple have mass of about 250 kilograms or 250 grams?

The apple would most likely have a mass of 250 grams

What degrees are most beneficial to politicians?

A Law Drgree would be the most helpful

What is the most common thing to measure mass in?

The most common thing you would measure mass in would be grams and kilograms

Can you use grams to find the mass of a horse?

I guess you could...but the most common measurement is used in pounds (lbs)

What is subjective measurement?

A subjective measurement is something that is based on an opinion and is most often biased. The opposite would be an objective measurement which is quantifiable and based only on fact.

Which unit of measurement would be most appropriate for measuring the weight of a truck?


What tool would give most accurate measurement to determine thickness?

A micrometer would.

What are the comparative adjective for helpful?

Comparative: more helpful Superlative: most helpful

What unit would be most appropriate to measure the mass of a cow?

A kilogram (kg) would be the most appropriate unit to measure the mass of a cow.

What units would be the most precise measurement for the length of a board?


What is the comparative and superlative of helpful?

more helpful, most helpful