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It is: 225/15 = $15 per hour

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Q: What is the unit rat in dollars per hour if 225 is earned in 15 hours?
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What is the unit rate in dollars per hour if 527 is earned in 31 hours?

$17 for every hour.

What is the unit rate of 15 dollars per hour?

15 dollars/hour is the unit rate

What is the rate as a unit for 14 hours in 2 weeks?

jessica earned 14 by babysiting for 4 hours what is her unit rate

48 for 8 hours as a unit rate is?

48 for 8 hours as a unit rate is 6 per hour.

Is 15 dollars per hour an unit rate?

Yes, it is.

What is the unit rate of 5 inches of rain in 24 hours?

The idea is to divide the number of inches of rain by the number of hours. That will give you the unit rain, in inches per hour.

How much miles are in 15 hour?

None. Miles are a unit of distance. Hours are a unit of time.

What unit is forty-five miles per hour of?

the unit is miles/hour= miles over hours lol i hope ur like 12

What is the unit rate of 12 hr for 102?

0.1176 hours (approx) per unit.or8.5 units per hour.0.1176 hours (approx) per unit.or8.5 units per hour.0.1176 hours (approx) per unit.or8.5 units per hour.0.1176 hours (approx) per unit.or8.5 units per hour.

Why do you think rates are usually written as unit rates?

A rate is a ratio of two quantities: miles per hour, calories per cookie, dollars per person, ... a unit rate just specifies the units (miles, hours) of the two quantities.

What is the unit rate for 80 pages read in 2 hours?

80 pages in 2 hours is equivalent to 40 pages in 1 hour. So the unit rate is 40 pages/hour The formula for rate is distance divided by time.

How many hours in 9.3 gigabytes?

An hour is an unit of time. A gigabyte is an unit of computer memory. They can not be converted

What is the unit of 240 miles and 6 hours?

= 240/6 mile/hour = 40 miles/hour

Is this a unit rate 15 per hour?

Yes, although it does not specify 15 WHAT per hour. [Run] 15 miles per hour or [make] 15 dollars per hour or [manufacture] 15 widgets an hour. To that extent, it is not a unit rate.

What is the contribution per machine hour formula?

The contribution per machine hour is the contribution per unit divided by the number of machine hours per unit.

What is amp-hours?

ampere hour is the unit of electricity consumed by electrical load,for example you are consuming 5ampere per hour so unit of power will 5amp-hour,generally unit of power is kilowatthour,so 1000amp-hour =1KWH ampere =voltage/resistance, amp-hour the unit of power on which tariff is calculated for the consumption of electricity

What is the unit rate of 20 in 2 hours?

10 per hour.

Find unit rate for 253 for 20 hours?

12.65 an hour

What is the unit rate for 15 degrees in 2 hours?

7.5 degrees per hour

What is the unit rate of 183 miles in 3 hours?

61 miles per hour

What is the unit rate for 250 miles in 5 hours?

To get the rate for 250 miles in 5 hours, divide the miles by the hours to get miles per hour, 250 miles/5 hours=50 miles per hour. If you divide 5 hours by 250 miles, you get 0.02 hours per mile, the other unit rate for this set of numbers.

How do you express 112 for 14 hours as a unit rate?

112/14 = 8 per hour

How many kilowatt per hour does a 10kilowatts generate?

There is no such thing as a "kilowatt per hour". Kilowatt is a unit of power, not of energy. A unit of energy is kilowatt-hour. That's kilowatt times hours, not "per" hour ("per" implies division, not multiplication). If a generator produces 10 kilowatts, that means it produces 10 kilowatt-hours every hour.

How many hours are in a furlong?

An hour is a unit of time. A furlong is a unit of length. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many kilometers in 3 hours?

An hour is a unit of time. A kilometer is a unit of distance. Need more information to answer.