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Q: What is the unit rate of 51 gallons in 14 minutes?
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What is the unit rate of 51 gallons and 14 minutes?


How do you write 48 gallons in 14 days as a unit rate?

You know that there are 48 gallons per 14 days (assuming that there is a reasonably constant flow-- not all 48 gallons were measured in only one of the 14 days). The idea is to figure out, on average, the number of gallons per day. Once you do that, the unit rate would be x gallons per day. In this case the 'unit' is a day. You could also, if it is helpful, figure out days per gallon, in which case one gallon is the 'unit'.

What the heck is unit rate?

Unit rate means per 1.Like 24 gallons for 336 miles would be 14 miles per 1 gallon of gas.

What is the unit rate of 294 miles every 14 gallons?

You can divide the number of miles by the number of gallons, to get miles per gallon.Or you can divide the other way (the number of gallons by the number of miles), to get gallons per mile. Each of the above will be a unit rate, but in this particular case, it is more common to calculate miles per gallon.

What is the rate as a unit for 14 hours in 2 weeks?

jessica earned 14 by babysiting for 4 hours what is her unit rate

What is the unit rate for 224 hit in 14 games?


What is the unit rate for 14 lbs for 3.00?

4.66... recurring lbs each (per unit).

Which is bigger 1.2 gallons or 14 gallons?

14 gallons. 1.2 gallons is less than one and a half gallons, 14 gallons is fourteen gallons. 14 gallons is bigger.

You use 4 gallons of water on 14 plants in your garden. At this rate how much water will it take to water 35 plants?

4/14 = 2/7 = 10/35 Answer: 10 gallons

What was the hourly rate of a worker who earned 894 for working 37 and a quarter hours?

If he worked 37 hours and 14 minutes and earned 894, then his hourly rate was just over 24.01 to the nearest one hundredth, or 24 to the nearest unit.

What is the unit rate of 224 hits in 14 games?

16 hits a game

How many watts are 14 kw?

There are 14 000 W in 14 kW. A watt is the unit for power, which is the rate of doing work.