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The Blue Book of Gun Values, which can be confusing (daunting?), and The Standard Catalog of Firearms, or Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms, are good places to start (often appearing at a library near you). First, as you'll find, the weapon needs to be "graded" (See NRA Condition Grading Definitions... ( ) Remember that these are only "guides" to help determine assumed worth of a weapon; real "value" (price, actually) is determined by the amount someone is willing to pay for the piece and your acceptance of their offer. If you are serious more than curious, take it to a "real" (certified) appraiser (or at least two to get, like, a Dr's "2nd opinion" because "your mileage may vary").

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Q: What is the value of a model 1892 25-20?
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Price on model 1892 Winchester 2520 cal?

Value of a 1892 2520 winchester

How old is your 2520 mod 1892 sn 442080?

Your Winchester model 1892 lever action rifle was made in the year 1907,with the serial number that you have supplied.

What year is my Winchester 2520 riffle the serial number is 841160?

You do not state which model of Winchester you have? If you have a Winchester model 1892,then your rifle was made in 1917.

What is the value of 1898 Winchester model 2520 caliber?

If we are talking about a Winchester model 1892?,then the value of your firearm is going for between 475 dollars for a gun with 10% original finish,all the way up to 1,900 dollars for a fine specimen with 80% original finish.

What is the value of a 2520 Winchester model 1892 with a 19 inch barrel serial number 364686?

Many of the rifles are valued in price close to $2500 each. The amount will vary depending upon their condition.

How old is a Winchester Model 1892 with serial number L31711 and what is its approximate value?

How old is a Winchester model 1892 s/n L31711 and what is its approx. value ?

Value of a Winchester model 92 from 1884?

The 1892 Winchester (Model 92) was first produced in 1892 which makes the question unanswerable.

What is value of 1892 model 357 Winchester lever action?

1892 Winchesters were not made in 357

What is the value of a 1894 Winchester model 92 2520 calibar?

Your question does not make sense. The Model 1894 and Model 1892 are two distinctly different rifles. Since the 1894 was never chambered in .25/20, we have to assume you have a Model 1892. That caliber was not introduced until the year 1895, so we have to wonder where the '1894' in your question comes from. As to value, it is impossible to answer your question without a LOT more information. Condition is everything with collectable firearms. Also, there were a great many special order options and configurations available with the Model 1892, all of which affect value. Digital pictures would be a big help. With the information you've provided we can narrow it down to a value range between $200 and $5000.

What year was a Winchester 1892 2520 serial 656176 made?


Where can you find information about a Winchester model 1892 38 center fire patented October 14?


What is the value of a 1905 Winchester model 1892 3220 calibar?


What is the value of a Winchester model 1892 serial 608620?

Your Winchester model 1892 which was made in the year 1911 could have considerable value.If you happen to have a take down model,or a rifle with a octagon barrel and in overall good condition.This could bring in excess of ,2000 dollars.I would have a member of the Winchester collectors assoc.evaluate your model 1892 and assess a accurate value to your rifle.

What is the age and value of serial number 256964 model Marlin 1892?

1975' value depends on condition

What is the value of serial number 339775 2520 lever action Winchester?

Depending on condition but if the rifle is a model 92 the value is probably 300 to 1000 dollars.

What is the age and value of a Winchester model 1892 serial number 746490?


Value of a Winchester 32-20 model 1892 with octagonal barrel?


What is the value of 1892 colt revolver sheriffs model?

The value of ANY gun is based on the exact make, model, and condition. You are going to need a hands-on appraisal.

What is the value range of a Marlin 22 Model 1892 Last patent date is 1892 on the receiver Serial number is 435990?

Your model 1892 was made in about 1912, and values on these early guns are subject to many things. Condition, options, and special order features will all determine the value. Without seeing it, or knowing what features it has, it would be impossible to give you a fair value for your gun.

Did Winchester make a model 1773 in 2520 caliber?


What is the value of a 38 WCF Winchester Model 1892 with an octagonal barrel?

$2175 +/_ depending on condition

What is the value of a Winchester Model 1892 Seriel?

100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics

What is the value of a Winchester lever action rifle model 1892 serial 263787?

100-1000 USD

What is the value of a Winchester model 1892 44 40 with serial number 149659?

Requires professional appraisal.

Information links or value of a Winchester Model 1892 256 Caliber?

The .256 Winchester Magnum was never originally chambered in the Model 1892, but it was a popular conversion back in the 1940's/1950's before Model 1892's became so scarce and expensive. Depending on how well done the conversion is, it might bring $500.

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